"Books are essential goods": the Polo del '900 in Turin delivers home loans

Home delivery not only for food, but also for books: this is the one that the Polo del '900 in Turin has activated for the volumes of its libraries.

“Books are essential goods”-this is the idea behind the new book lending service launched by Turin’s Polo del ’900, home delivery. The Nov. 3 dpcm closed the libraries, but that does not mean the activities of the Polo’s libraries will stop. Thus, from Monday, Nov. 23, the home delivery service for all of the libraries’ more than 300,000 volumes will be activated, in addition to the book pickup service at 14 Via del Carmine. This is made possible by the collaboration with the Italian Popular Culture Network and Lo Spaccio di Cultura - Community Concierge.

“The joint work of archivists and librarians of the entities of the Pole has guaranteed an essential service for citizens that we have enhanced thanks to the community porters,” explains Alessandro Bollo, director of the Polo del ’900. “Books and libraries cannot remain closed in such a delicate historical moment, so we have taken steps to ensure that reading and cultural needs in general are met as basic necessities because they nourish the critical spirit and provide keys to interpretations for the present and, at times, are essential even if only to distract us. Completing the sense of this new service is the alliance with the Community Concierge, which in fact creates a virtuous system of community welfare and also new job opportunities.”

“The Community Concierge active in the newsstand in Piazza della Repubblica No. 1/F from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.,” says Antonio Damasco, director of the Italian Network of Popular Culture, instead, “is a place of community welfare that for months has been co-designing with residents services such as errands in public offices, home shopping with the Gasp buying group, Sos technology, translations, babysitting, homework help, cleaning and much more. We have always believed that culture, and in this case, books and library services are an everyday necessity.”

To reserve a book and set up pickup arrangements, you must send an email to archivio.biblioteca@polodel900.it. Home delivery will be made every Tuesday and Friday by defining a time range with the 900th Pole and the concierges. Community Concierge answers at 3478788271, delivery is free, with a free donation to support the Concierge and those who work there.

Image: the Reading Room of the Polo del ’900

"Books are essential goods": the Polo del '900 in Turin delivers home loans

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