Merry Christmas to all with a special gift!

Merry Christmas to all! Santa Claus stopped by Windows on Art and left us a special gift...come see what it is!

Hello everyone!!! Today is Christmas, and in addition to wishing you, as we have already done with our newsletter and Facebook page, a very merry Christmas and happy holidays (as well as the best for 2014), we would like to tell you that Santa Claus also came by Windows on Art and left a special gift for everyone, namely the mobile version of our website!

Practical, fast, intuitive, simple, content-focused: since mobile traffic is beginning to account for a not insignificant percentage of accesses, Santa thought that our friends who surf with mobile devices might find this new website feature useful. And for those who have remained fond of the “classic” version of the site, clicking on “Desktop Version” will allow them to return to the Windows on Art layout they have always known.

Since it is still in the experimental and development stage, if anyone obviously has any suggestions or criticisms to make, all will surely be welcome! :-)

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

Finestre sull'Arte versione mobile

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