The first ebook of Windows on Art is finally available!

Windows on Art ebook available: in this post the constantly updated list of all bookstores where to find it

The first ebook of Windows on Art is finally available: Art History Course. From the Thirteenth Century to the Early Nineteenth Century. The ebook contains the topics of our art history course, already available on the website, and also makes them usable and convenient for convenient reading on all devices: ebook readers, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones.

The book is available in both ePub and PDF formats (181 pages) and is the most comprehensive art history course in ebook format to learn about Italian art from Cimabue to Romanticism! It costs only 8.49 euros and is available at all major online bookstores. We provide below the list of all the bookstores where you can find the ebook (the link goes directly to the page from which you can buy the book). And the list is always constantly being updated :-) Then click on the link to purchase the course: the procedures are quick, and indeed there is probably your favorite online bookstore below! You won’t find a better ebook for learning about Italian art history, word from Windows on Art:)

La Feltrinelli

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The Unity ebookstore

Ultima Books






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Biblon Store


University Book

And here is the back cover: From the experience of Windows on Art, the first Italian podcast for art history as well as one of the most appreciated projects for the popularization of art history, comes this course, which aims to deal with the history of Italian art from the thirteenth to the early nineteenth century, that is, from Cimabue to Romanticism. All the major protagonists, the artistic movements, the stylistic peculiarities of the authors: a useful and comprehensive analysis conducted through the chronological evolution of the major events in the history of Italian art, always referring to the historical context of the various eras. All in clear and simple language, and with the same rigor and quality that distinguish the Windows on Art podcast. A tool suitable for everyone: both for beginners, because the characteristics of the course make it useful even for those who want to approach art history for the first time; for enthusiasts and students, who will be able to deepen their knowledge on the subject; and for those who work with art history or simply love this subject, because this course represents an additional tool for the dissemination of knowledge of art history. Simple, clear, complete: three qualities that make Windows on Art’s art history course the best available in ebook format.

Il nostro ebook

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