Windows on Art becomes a news outlet

Windows on Art becomes a newspaper. An additional guarantee for our readers, under the banner of quality and impartiality.

As of today Windows on Art is a newspaper. The transformation of the portal you all knew into an online magazine focused onancient art with frequent forays intocontemporary art is thus officially sanctioned: this further evolution of the project is meant to represent an extra guarantee for our esteemed audience, and on our part an even more pronounced commitment to continue offering you content under the banner of quality and impartiality.

Windows on Art will continue to work with seriousness and professionalism, guaranteeing our readers the news on everything that is happening in the art world, with the in-depth reports on the works and artists that have guaranteed us recognition as the best Italian project of art-historical popularization, with the editorials on current events, with quality and independent reviews on the best exhibitions and, in the future, with the opinions of the most authoritative journalists, scholars, and intellectuals on the current scene. Indeed, our online journal will give more and more space for dialogue, for confrontation even between radically different and opposing opinions, for debate and discussion. We want to become more and more a point of reference for enthusiasts and insiders.

We firmly believe that you will appreciate the new course of Windows on Art. In Italy we need serious, independent, authoritative, quality art journalism. And we are here for that: with our portal we have already earned the trust of thousands of readers. Visit us often, add the site to your favorites, follow our social channels regularly. We, on the other hand, assure you of constant, always up-to-date, correct, fresh, clear, independent, professional information. And we are confident that we can give you satisfactory answers.

Finestre sull'Arte diventa una testata giornalistica

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