Windows on Art turns four years old!

Today, April 29, is Windows on Art's four-year birthday! Happy birthday :-)

It was April 29, 2009 when we, Ilaria and Federico, published the first, pioneering installment of Windows on Art, dedicated to Guido Cagnacci, one of our favorite artists. We had never recorded a podcast before (and we could hear it!), we had never spoken about art history to an audience, except for Federico during his book presentations, we didn’t even know if we might like it or not, because talking about art history via the Internet and doing it through MP3 files was a big challenge.

In the meantime, we studied a bit of diction (and we were bad students... but we improved a bit!), we changed the graphic look of the website several times, we enriched our team with several elements, we opened this blog in addition to the Facebook page, and ours has become one of the most appreciated art-historical popularization projects in Italy (witness over nine thousand fans on Facebook and an average of accesses to our website that now exceeds well over five hundred daily visits: a good result, taking into account that updates are not daily).

Windows on Art celebrates its fourth birthday today: and on April 29, 2009, we never imagined we would last this long. The year we are entering, however, is about to be the most difficult in the history of our site, for the simple fact that visits and feedback are increasing (and with them compliments but also criticism), and consequently the amount of work is also increasing. We often find ourselves saying that Windows on Art has now become a second job that takes up a lot of our time and resources, with returns, in terms of resources, that are very modest and in the long run will not allow us to continue to keep up the site as you have known it so far.

This is to say that what we are going through will probably not be the last year of Windows on Art, but the site will experience radical changes starting next year. Windows on Art is our passion and very unlikely to be abandoned, but it will need to be rethought and several aspects of it revised.

So far we have covered nearly ninety artists, to whom we have devoted episodes of about thirty minutes each, with dedicated fact sheets, in-depth articles, bibliographies, exhibitions and museums, links to images, biographies, networks of relationships: we believe that for the approach to the history of art from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, Windows on Art is a unique resource on the Italian scene, precisely because of its completeness and the quality of our work, which always takes into account the needs on the one hand of a rigorous analysis based on the studies of the greatest experts who have dealt with this or that artist and of a continuous update on the debates around works of art, and on the other hand of a clarity of exposition and simplicity of language as well as historical contextualization that takes into account the needs of all our visitors, even those who have never seen a painting or sculpture and are approaching art history for the first time.

Our ambitious goal is to create a comprehensive work that covers, if not the entire history of art from the Middle Ages to the 19th century, at least the major artists, those who innovated, those who dictated rules and trends. Will we succeed? :-) For now, all that remains is. wish Happy Birthday to Windows on Art!

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