Bologna, it is yellow alert for the Garisenda Tower. Work to make it safe is underway

It is yellow alert for the Garisenda Tower, the symbolic tower of Bologna along with the Asinelli Tower. Safety work is starting these days.

The alert level related to the Garisenda Tower remains yellow. It indicates a phase of attention and not of alert for the safety of people and provides for the manning of a system of sensors by technicians monitoring the Garisenda, with alerts in case of an alert. The city’s iconic tower had in fact detected abnormal oscillations at the end of October, resulting in the decision to close the Two Towers Square for a few years until the Garisenda’s restoration work is completed.

These days work is starting to secure the tower: work is being done on the underground utilities and removing overhead cables to then proceed with the installation of a structure several meters high that will surround the area of Porta Ravegnana square. The first round of the census of people in the area and the distribution of the vademecum with all the useful information has been completed. From Monday, November 20, the Local Police will conduct a second round for people who were not found in their homes or businesses.

On the morning of Nov. 14, a meeting was held at the Ministry of Culture to take stock of the safety interventions.

“There are symbolic monuments of each city. And the Towers are for Bologna as the Colosseum is for Rome, the Duomo for Milan and the Maschio Angioino for Naples. They are symbols of our history and identity that we have a duty to protect. The Ministry immediately made itself available to support the municipal administration, which is the owner of the property and which, according to the Cultural Heritage Code, is responsible for its protection. We have allocated 5 million euros, we are ready to give other resources where necessary, and we will also cooperate with our offices for the inscription in the UNESCO Heritage List,” Minister Sangiuliano said.

“I thank the minister for the discussion, we have shared a path that will see us working together to secure and restore the Garisenda Tower, and for its candidacy as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, through the extension of the current recognition of the Porticoes of Bologna,” said Bologna Mayor Matteo Lepore. “The municipal administration has already allocated 4.7 million euros for the first interventions, we welcome the availability of the Ministry. We agreed with Minister Sangiuliano that doing soon and well is our common goal.”

Bologna, it is yellow alert for the Garisenda Tower. Work to make it safe is underway
Bologna, it is yellow alert for the Garisenda Tower. Work to make it safe is underway

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