Bologna, the Two Towers square will be closed for a few years

A long closure is on the horizon for the Two Towers Square in Bologna: in fact, the Garisenda needs to be secured and then start with the restoration work. The operations will take several years.

In Bologna , Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, or the square of the two towers, will remain closed for a number of years, and for the same length of time the Garisenda will remain transennaded after the anomalous oscillations found in recent days: in fact, the closure measure will remain in effect until the completion of the tower’s restoration decided in recent hours. The provisional Mobility Plan that was triggered on Saturday, October 22 is therefore confirmed, and a final Mobility Plan valid for the next few months will be prepared.

Detour for public transport (we are talking about 645 trips per day diverted on weekdays, namely those that ran along Via San Vitale and then Via Rizzoli towards Via Ugo Bassi) and for private traffic, therefore, in the streets around the square. In particular, a traffic blockade will be triggered on Via San Vitale, which will be placed immediately after Via Guido Reni. In addition, Via Castel Tialto will become a pedestrian street to allow better pedestrian flow around the Two Towers area, and pending the establishment of the actual pedestrianization by act of the Council, in Via Castel Tialto will reverse the direction of travel (which will become with direction from San Vitale to Strada Maggiore) and will institute a ban on transit except for driveway accesses and a speed limit of 10 km /h with priority to pedestrians on the entire roadway. Changes will also be made for bicycles arriving from Via San Vitale: in the direction of Via Zamboni they must proceed by hand for a couple of meters in front of Gianni’s gelateria while in the direction of Via Rizzoli they must proceed by hand to Via Rizzoli. To ensure access to residents, goods delivery and access to parking spaces in the area around the two Towers, the Rita gates on via Ugo Bassi inbound and via Rizzoli outbound are currently suspended. The gates will be reactivated once the new temporary access regulations are defined and the license plates of newly authorized vehicles are entered into the system.

In the coming days, the updated Civil Protection Plan will be approved by the Council, and inspections will be carried out by the local police in homes near the Garisenda to check for the possible presence of people other than residents. Permission will also be sought to use the cell phone numbers of residents in the area for use in case of emergency. Based on an initial hypothesis for the future construction site, which includes the erection of a temporary metal structure around the tower, a widening of the fence in the Ravegnana Gate Square will then be carried out to verify and monitor pedestrian and bicycle flows in the area.

As for the work, there will be a first phase, lasting about a month, which will be used to design the protective structure and set up the construction site, after which a fence will be built to put up the structure that will contain the tower. Restoration will start only after these operations, which could take several months. Finally, a long-term closure is also on the horizon for the Torre degli Asinelli, one of the city’s major tourist attractions: for sure, it will no longer be possible to climb it until the Garisenda is secured.

Photo: Municipality of Bologna

Bologna, the Two Towers square will be closed for a few years
Bologna, the Two Towers square will be closed for a few years

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