Milan, Cariplo Foundation restores Palazzo Melzi d'Eril, a neoclassical jewel returned to the city

In Milan, the Cariplo Foundation is finishing restoration work on Palazzo Melzi d'Eril after a year and a half. It will be open to the public.

In Milan, Fondazione Cariplo has completed the restoration of Palazzo Melzi d’Eril, an important building in the historic center of the Lombard capital, located in the Porta Nuova district, between the central station and Brera. The work lasted a year and a half and has returned to the city an important building in which several works of art from the Cariplo Collection have been relocated (many others, however, find their place in the Piazza Scala location of the Gallerie d’Italia, the Intesa San Paolo museum that houses a vast collection of 19th-century art with works belonging to Banca Intesa and, indeed, Fondazione Cariplo). This is another addition to Fondazione Cariplo’s long list of activities in the field of culture: since 1991 to date, more than ten thousand projects have been carried out for a commitment of more than one billion euros.

Palazzo Melzi d’Eril was built in the eighteenth century in the neoclassical style, and owes its name to the Melzi d’Eril family that owned it: it was in fact purchased during the Napoleonic era by Francesco Melzi d’Eril, duke of Lodi, who disappeared in the very palace on January 15, 1816. Passed by hereditary means to one of his great-grandsons, Ludovico, the palace was renovated in the mid-19th century by architect Giacomo Moraglia (Milan, 1791 - 1860), who profoundly revised all the interiors.

“The palace,” said Fondazione Cariplo’s director general Sergio Urbani, “is the heart of our activities and today has a functional layout that gathers our way of operating but is also a collector of treasures such as some precious paintings that we see again today after about two years of work. These paintings are the most important part of our artistic heritage and are partly displayed here, others in the Gallerie d’Italia in Piazza della Scala. For us culture is the very important key to innovation and community building, it is a different way of seeing reality, a moment of growth within the community. We therefore have always worked on two tracks: tradition on the one hand and innovation on the other with projects in schools, cultural enterprises or transforming culture into a moment of aggregation in more difficult areas of the city such as the suburbs. These are some of the activities carried out by Fondazione Cariplo.”

Palazzo Melzi d’Eril houses works by Giambattista Tiepolo, Luca Carlevarijs, Guglielmo Ciardi, Achille Funi and many others. It will be open to the public who can visit it on special days organized throughout the year.

Pictured: interior of Palazzo Melzi d’Eril

Milan, Cariplo Foundation restores Palazzo Melzi d'Eril, a neoclassical jewel returned to the city
Milan, Cariplo Foundation restores Palazzo Melzi d'Eril, a neoclassical jewel returned to the city

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