Nexo launches its on-demand platform, all dedicated to culture and cinema

Nexo, a production company famous for works such as 'The Great Art at the Movies,' launches its on-demand platform, with various offerings on art and culture.

Nexo Digital, the well-known Italian production and distribution company known to art-loving audiences for productions such as La Grande Arte al Cinema, has launched Nexo+, its on-demand platform, “for quality leisure,” as the claim goes. With a subscription of 9.99 euros per month, Nexo+ presents to its viewers, week after week, concerts, art films, art content, documentaries, music, opera, ballet, theater, and cultural insights. The platform is supported by media partners Radio DEEJAY, Radio Capital,, Classic Voice, Danza&Danza, and

It will be, Nexo Digital points out, a constantly evolving idea. “A place,” reads a note, “that promotes curiosity, protects differences, amplifies knowledge, fun, emotion. A place that wants to stimulate active participation, different from that which can be proposed by an algorithm. Indeed, the goal is to offer viewers a multidisciplinary approach in the choice and organization and indexing of content, so as to range, as happens with Nexo Digital’s events at the cinema, from culture to educational, from cinema to concerts. Like a square where people meet rather than an exclusive retreat, Nexo+ offers itself as a place where one’s time becomes a space for the mind, where one’s passions are nurtured and where one can discover new ones.”

A distinctive feature of the Nexo+ project will be the presence of an editorial staff that, month after month, will go on to define the proposals for individual niches of reference, preferring inclusivity and the desire to open up spaces of comparison that are always different and varied, depending on the audiences with which it will relate. In addition to the categorization into 9 “Worlds” (The Great Art, Cinema, Classical, Biographies, Music, History, Dance, Current, Performance), Nexo+ will also offer 40 specially designed and constantly renewed “Playlists” in which to deepen one’s passions and discover new ones. For example, in the playlist The Ladies of the Arts, viewers will find a selection of documentaries and films dedicated to great actresses, artists, and women of culture: a collection of content celebrating women, who are also protagonists of the exhibition The Ladies of Art. Stories of women between the 1500s and 1600s, hosted at Milan’s Palazzo Reale and currently accessible online. In the playlist Say it loud! I ’m black and I’m proud will instead feature a tribute to Black Music and its great performers (all gathered under the aegis of the James Brown song that became the unofficial anthem of the Black Power movement in the 1960s). In addition, thanks to an ad hoc widget, various titles and playlists will be gradually enriched with a bibliography, a reference music selection, and podcastsdedicatedaccording to the editorial plan developed by the Nexo+ editorial staff and its partners.

There will also be collaborations with someimportant publishers, producers, writing schools, and festivals. This is the section called Constellations: maps to orient oneself in the sky, among the brightest stars and the most precious paths, which are often the least traveled. Maps that bring navigators home, guide them to new discoveries, trace images that inspire poetry, art and literature. Debuting, there will be four Constellations featured on Nexo+: those of Elisabetta Sgarbi, Far East Film Festival, Feltrinelli Real Cinema and Scuola Holden.

“As Nexo Digital,” explains Nexo Digital CEO Franco Di Sarro, “we are, by nature, experimenters. Since 2010, we have been focusing on programming and content that is totally different from traditional movie theaters. Today we want to confirm that commitment, offering a platform that can stand out in terms of content type and editorial choice. Our free time, even in the Covid period, seems to be scarce and never enough. That is why we wish to present a platform that allows people to live their time in a simple and immediate way, without the risk of getting lost among endless proposals, but being accompanied through a rich catalog, organized in a fresh and innovative way. Nexo+ was born to be imaginative: a platform capable of stimulating the curiosity and interests of its viewers through novel editorial paths. It is important to say that this for us is not an alternative to cinema experienced in the theater, which always remains a crucial step and a place we look forward to returning to. Simply Nexo+ is meant to be a new and complementary way to stay close to our audiences and their renewed demands.”

“Nexo+ is, first of all, something that didn’t exist and was missing before,” adds Nexo+ director Guido Casali, “a collection of wonders, lively and bright, designed to bring to an audience of passionate and curious people the best of Italian and international production of documentaries, films and performances. Nexo+, as its logo tells us, is a door that opens onto a series of worlds governed by a love of beauty, art and great stories: art-house films and cult titles, great art, opera and ballet, classical, pop and rock music, biographies, documentaries on the great themes of current affairs and ancient and recent history. Different worlds that will dialogue and contaminate each other through collections and playlists linked to cross-cutting themes, recurrences and author proposals. An editorial offer studied with sartorial passion and that goes beyond algorithms and rankings of the most viewed, with an always inclusive approach to stimulate encounters with content of the highest quality, which once known will become a rich nutrient for our curiosity and passions. Of course, Nexo+ is a fledgling creature, but one that is stubbornly and rapidly growing and evolving: new content, new worlds, new collaborations, and new original productions will continue to blossom weekly in the homes of our subscribers. Among the first projects that we are pleased to mention, we are following and supporting La Visita, the new site-specific creation by Peeping Tom, commissioned and produced by Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia in collaboration with Collezione Maramotti and Max Mara, a finalist at the prestigious Fedora Prizes, and opening a collaboration with the MEET Digital Culture Center, which not surprisingly hosted the first official presentation of Nexo+.”

Nexo launches its on-demand platform, all dedicated to culture and cinema
Nexo launches its on-demand platform, all dedicated to culture and cinema

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