Official, Kiss concert at Verona Arena will take place. Then stop the fires in the amphitheater

The Kiss concert at the Verona Arena will take place tonight: superintendent Vincenzo Tinè has given his approval. However, the American group's show will be the last one with fireworks inside the Verona amphitheater: later the regulations will change.

As was to be expected, in the end the Superintendency of Verona has given the go-ahead for the Kiss concert this evening at theArena in Verona: initially it seemed that the body was inclined to give a negative opinion because of the use of fireworks during the show by the U.S. group, but following talks with the company Live Nation (the organizers of the event) and with Mayor Damiano Tommasi, Superintendent Vincenzo Tinè gave his approval, so the concert will take place regularly. The date for the second and for now last Italian date of The End of the Road World Tour, the farewell tour to the music scene of the group of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, has therefore remained for tonight at 9:15 pm.

The Veronese superintendence has noted “the commitment made by the mayor to share the reasons about the choice not to allow scenic elements that could generate a risk to the integrity of the monument,” in addition, the new administration has expressed its willingness to put under scrutiny all critical aspects of pyrotechnics at the Arena: in essence, in the future it will be necessary to expect a new regulation that will review the manner and timing of the organization of events in the Scaliger amphitheater.

“The solution found with the Superintendence with respect to the Kiss concert goes in the direction of sharing the path of enhancement and protection of the Arena monument,” said Mayor Tommasi. “I think it is a good beginning of collaboration with respect to the future management of these events, because they need planning and sharing, especially with regard to how they will be organized and managed within the amphitheater.”

Superintendent Tinè, for his part, thanked the mayor for his mediation work, but also clarified that the Kiss concert tonight will be the last exemption for pyrotechnic games inside the Arena of Verona: in the future they will be considered only if strictly necessary for the stage performance, or if produced through new technologies capable of simulating them.

Pictured: the Kiss concert at the Arena of Verona in 2015.

Official, Kiss concert at Verona Arena will take place. Then stop the fires in the amphitheater
Official, Kiss concert at Verona Arena will take place. Then stop the fires in the amphitheater

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