Royal Palace of Palermo unravels as never before

A virtual digital platform created through 3-D mapping reveals Palermo's Royal Palace in more detail than ever before.

Thanks to a 3D mapping accomplished with more than 40 thousand photographs taken, 3 billion points beaten by lasers, 600 samples of materials, thousands of documents studied and eight years of work, the Royal Palace of Palermo has no more secrets.

In the virtual digital platform created, it is possible to understand the synthesis of cultures that were intertwined in the building (Arab, Greek-Byzantine and Norman) and analyze in detail the mosaics of the Palatine Chapel, the room of Roger II, the Room of the Winds and the dungeons.

The project was presented by Ars President Gianfranco Miccichè as part of the international conference"The Palace Unveiled" with internationally renowned experts involved in the protection of the historical and architectural heritage of the palaces of power from Istanbul to Cairo, comparing them with that of Palermo.

The project was carried out, under the coordination of Ruggero Longo, by Ars, an interdisciplinary group of the University of Tuscia, and Tecno-Art.

Source: La Sicilia - Palermo Today


Royal Palace of Palermo unravels as never before
Royal Palace of Palermo unravels as never before

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