Street art, sold four JDL murals for 3 million in cryptocurrency. Proceeds donated to social work

Urban art enters new financial market: sold for about 3 million in cryptocurrency four works by Dutch street artist JDL. Proceeds will be donated to social engagement projects.

Dutch street artist Judith de Leeuw a.k.a. JDL, known in Italy thanks to Veronica De Angelis’ nonprofit, Yourban2030, which entrusted her a year ago with Outside in, the first LGBTQI+ smog-eating mural, has sold four of her works worth about 2.9 million in cryptocurrency.Urban art is thus entering the new financial market, without forgetting social engagement.

The four works were purchased for a value of 288,964 Idon tokens from Idoneus, founded by Jarrett Preston: a figure that, according to the agency itself, is virtually equivalent to about $3 million, a sum that, once the tokens reach the public exchanges (i.e., when they are convertible into dollars) JDL will be able to monetize. One-third of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Italian nonprofit Gioca Con Il Cuore of Padua, a nonprofit organization that identifies and promotes activities to support projects that affect children in distressed situations, while the remainder of the proceeds will go to support new street art projects dedicated to social and sustainability.

Through his style, JDL is committed to spreading social messages by working on issues such as LGBTQIA+, racism and mental health. His four sold works Diversity, Hold Me Tight, Identity and Capitalism, and The Travel are also proof of this.

“I had a difficult childhood and when Juul Manders (433/BALR) told me that he had sold my works for such an amount I felt almost guilty. That is why I decided to donate part of the proceeds from this sale, to the Italian non-profit organization Gioca con il Cuore a charity that helps children with cancer and frailty. With the remaining amount I will continue to create charitable street art projects that draw attention to social and environmental issues. A big thank you to Straatmuseum, which provided the location to create the work Identity&Capitalism, an 8-meter high painting,” said JDL.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Judith de Leeuw began graffitiing the walls of the Dutch capital at the age of fifteen, achieving notoriety with the monumental mural dedicated to Amy Winehouse. Thanks to Yourban2030, JDL became known in Italy. Starting with its project in Italy in 2018, Yourban2030 proved that it is possible to combine entrepreneurship and art under the banner of environmental and planetary protection, opening new frontiers and horizons of green entrepreneurship. Starting in 2018, when it promoted and created Europe’s largest green mural, Hunting Pollution.

Pictured is Diversity in Bureaucracy, a smog-eating mural in Amsterdam.

Street art, sold four JDL murals for 3 million in cryptocurrency. Proceeds donated to social work
Street art, sold four JDL murals for 3 million in cryptocurrency. Proceeds donated to social work

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