The house-museum Palazzo Maffei is born in the heart of Verona

On February 14, 2020, the new house-museum Palazzo Maffei in the heart of Verona will open its doors to the public.

On February 14, 2020, in Verona’s Piazza delle Erbe, the house-museum Palazzo Maffei will open after being restored. It is the most important seventeenth-century building in the city, and in about a month it will open to the public to present the Luigi Carlon collection.

More than 350 works will create a dialogue between painting, sculpture, applied arts and architecture in an exhibition between ancient and modern that will encompass more than five centuries of history. A significant corpus of paintings from Veronese painting will be on display, but there will also be masterpieces ofmodern and contemporary art by the great masters of the 20th century for a journey through Futurism and metaphysics: from Picasso to de Chirico, Miró to Kandinsky, Magritte to Fontana, Burri and Manzoni.

The Palazzo Maffei house-museum intends to be a new landmark for art lovers, an eclectic journey among masterpieces and curiosities. On the occasion of its opening, its complete restoration will also be presented, making it possible for the public to admire its Baroque facade, the imposing self-supporting spiral staircase, and the stucco and wall paintings on the main floor.

The Luigi Carlon collection, born from more than fifty years of passionate collecting, includes masterpieces ranging from the fourteenth century to the present: nearly two hundred paintings, about twenty sculptures, drawings and objects of applied art, such as period furniture, antique glass, Renaissance ceramics, seventeenth- and eighteenth-century majolica, silverware, ivories, wooden artifacts, oriental art objects and rare volumes.

In the first part of the collection, it was intended to create a dialogue with the rooms on the main floor of the palace for a private residence or Wunderkammer atmosphere and a synthesis between the arts, with thematic nuclei of ancient art and sudden relations with modernity; in the second part, dedicated to the twentieth century and contemporary art, it was intended to create a true museum gallery. In addition, the collection boasts a kind of compendium of art history of the Scaliger territory, with works by Altichiero and Liberale da Verona, Nicolò Giolfino, Zenone Veronese, Bonifacio de’ Pitati, Antonio and Giovanni Badile, Felice Brusasorci, Jacopo Ligozzi, Alessandro Turchi, Giambettino Cignaroli and others.

The opening of Palazzo Maffei is a cultural initiative promoted by Luigi Carlon, Veronese entrepreneur and collector, based on an architectural and exhibition design by Baldessari and Baldessari studio and a museographic idea by Gabriella Belli, with scientific contributions by Valerio Terraroli and Enrico Maria Guzzo.

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The house-museum Palazzo Maffei is born in the heart of Verona
The house-museum Palazzo Maffei is born in the heart of Verona

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