The Uffizi... on vacation: the Uffizi Diffusi project will also reach Elba Island

The Uffizi Diffusi project will also land on Elba Island to mark the bicentenary of Napoleon's death: an inspection by Eike Schmidt this morning with a view to organizing an exhibition.

There will be a bit of Uffizi even... on vacation: in fact, the Uffizi Diffusi project is about to land on theisland of Elba as well, which will distribute on the territory, in some cases with important “returns” and restitutions, the works that are now kept in the deposits of the Florentine museum.

The director of the Uffizi, Eike Schmidt, made an inspection today with regional president Eugenio Giani, the mayor of Portoferraio, Angelo Zini, the opposition spokesman in the regional council, Marco Landi, and the mayor of Siena, Luigi De Mossi, aimed at visiting the spaces of Forte Falcone, Villa dei Mulini and Pinacoteca Foresiana. “The idea,” Schmidt said, “is to organize a temporary exhibition with our works with a Napoleonic theme, in view of May 5, since this year is the bicentennial of Bonaparte’s death, and these spaces are suitable to host it. But we don’t want to stop here with the cultural initiatives of the Uffizi diffused: it is necessary to go further and that is what we will do.”

“I will be very happy if this project of ours can have its own regulatory and funding framework,” Schmidt added, “it would be the crowning and definitive concretization of an operation that we knew from the beginning had the capacity to give answers and cultural revitalization to the Tuscan territories.” The Uffizi director said he was pleased with the continued visits to the region: “I am pleased that different bell towers and all political colors are working together because what we are doing we are doing for all of Tuscany, for all of Italy, and for all of humanity, because here we have cultural assets that, we can say, are of world importance.”

On the theme of the Uffizi spread, Schmidt reminded in conclusion, “we try to bring to the territory the great amount of works that we have in storage, it is right to bring them back to where they can tell the individual chapters of a great history, the cultural history of Tuscany.”

In the photo, a moment of the inspection on the island of Elba.

The Uffizi... on vacation: the Uffizi Diffusi project will also reach Elba Island
The Uffizi... on vacation: the Uffizi Diffusi project will also reach Elba Island

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