Unesco Heritage nomination of Bologna's arcades launched

In a few days, the UNESCO World Heritage nomination of Bologna's arcades will be presented.

The porticos of Bologna could become a Unesco World Heritage Site: the Municipality of Bologna will present its candidacy in a few days, while the dossier, which is almost completed, will be submitted to MiBAC in September.

In a note, the Municipality writes, “The portico has been the place of shelter and decorum par excellence, made available for the whole community and finally the social aspect: from the Middle Ages to the present day, the porticoes represent the place of integration par excellence, where civil and religious spaces, private homes, belonging to all social classes, are perfectly integrated.”

Preliminary meetings with city institutions and stakeholders have been held in recent weeks and, at the same time, consultants from Links, the institution collaborating with the administration in this initiative, have carried out inspections to select portico sections suitable for Unesco candidacy.
The final delivery of the candidacy dossier is scheduled for February 2020, and only the following year, in February 2021, will the final decision be made.

With its nearly 40 kilometers of porticoes, Bologna is the city with the longest porticoes in the world.

Source: Ansa - Bologna today

Image: Portico of San Luca in Bologna.

Unesco Heritage nomination of Bologna's arcades launched
Unesco Heritage nomination of Bologna's arcades launched

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