Urbino, DaD in red light: well-known critic and curator has sex in front of 20 students

Hot distance teaching: a well-known critic and curator, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, inadvertently had sex in front of 20 students.

Hot unforeseen for a professor at theAcademy of Fine Arts in Urbino, who despite himself found himself having sex in front of 20 students during a distance learning session. During the lecture, in fact, the professor had intended to project a teaching video to supplement what he was explaining: however, the man, a well-known critic and curator, described as an “esteemed academic,” did not realize that in fact the video had not started and his webcam remained on, filming everything that was happening in his house.

The boys thus witnessed a far hotter video than they were supposed to watch, and delighted in admiring the prof’s entire ride with a person who was in his house at the time. The affair, dating back to last December 8, was then reported to the director of the Urbino Academy, Luca Cesari, who summoned the professor. The latter resigned, sending the students a letter of apology for what had happened. The professor went on to explain his version: “I was giving this lecture and I was going through some films of modern authors,” he told the Resto del Carlino, “when a person very dear to me, at the center of a stable relationship, who I had not seen for many months because of the pandemic, entered my house.” In short, more than didactics could fast: the distance evidently ignited the passion and the lecturer “let himself go.”

“Granted that we are talking about a figure of critic, curator and protagonist of the world of the arts that we all know, and he is an excellent professor, also very much followed, I would like to say loved, certainly respected by the students,” Director Cesari explains in a note, “what happened during one of his lectures represents a very serious episode in the context, that is, in the context in which it took place. Any additional comment seems to me to be completely unnecessary, redundant. The management’s reaction could not have been different from what it was. On the one hand, we sùbito met with the students to listen to their very conflicted feelings about it, not at all processed. Thereafter we summoned the professor who perfectly understood the position of the students and the institution, spontaneously and knowingly resigning.”

“In doing so,” Cesari continued, “he wished to address a particularly heartfelt letter of farewell and farewell to the students. The esteem and friendship that I personally have for the teacher has not changed one iota. But I would like to specify that his life and the artistic, didactic, and cultural life of the Urbino Academy must be quite distinct. This is a painful loss for us, for colleagues, for those who attend his courses. However, I would like to recall what I have already told the students in order to help them process the state of confusion; it is a reflection by Hegel on those who make a serious mistake: to remember him only for that mistake is to ’destroy everything he has done in his life,’ to reduce him to the randomness of that mistake.”

The curator commented on the incident as follows, “I gave in. I would like to be judged from a human point of view because I am not a pervert or even an exhibitionist. And for this reason immediately after the episode I submitted my resignation to the management of the Urbino institute. I would like to be understood and not judged for what happened during that morning.”

Urbino, DaD in red light: well-known critic and curator has sex in front of 20 students
Urbino, DaD in red light: well-known critic and curator has sex in front of 20 students

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