Pompeii told in a podcast with voices of art and culture

To mark the upcoming reopening of Pompeii's antiquarium to the public, the Piano P platform is launching a six-part podcast dedicated to the ancient city.

On the occasion of the upcoming reopening to the public of theAntiquarium of Pompeii, the Piano P platform, dedicated to journalistic podcasts, launches the pocast Pompeii. The Living City, a series of podcasts dedicated precisely to the Archaeological Park of Pompeii and produced in collaboration with Electa.

It is a six-episode podcast, hosted by Carlo Annese, in which twenty-six academics, archaeologists, artists and writers, together with the Park’s director, Massimo Osanna, recount the history and evolution of one of Italy’s greatest heritage riches: from the tragic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. that caused an entire city to disappear under a blanket of ash and lapilli to the chance discovery that began excavations in 1748, up to the Archaeological Park’s latest extraordinary revival.

Valeria Parrella, Pappi Corsicato, Catharine Edwards, Maurizio De Giovanni, Andrea Marcolongo and many others contribute to reconstructing the daily life, arts and customs of the ancient city, from food to eroticism, from domus architecture to gardens, relating them to our times. Together with Cesare De Seta and Anna Ottani Cavina they analyze the influence Pompeii has exerted on the culture of the last three centuries, from Enlightenment thinking about the catastrophe to the fascination of Romantic Grand Tour travelers to best-selling books about the last days before the tragedy. And with Maria Pace Ottieri they discover countless points of contact with today’s reality, starting with the risk faced by the 700,000 inhabitants of the seven municipalities in the Vesuvian area.

“Those ruins tell us that we are basically the same,” says the popular Neapolitan writer Maurizio De Giovanni, “That city, with its markets and its houses, with its division between a commercial bourgeoisie and working-class suburbs, traces in the exact same way what the city would be today, if one were to photograph it in a similar situation. And let’s hope it never happens.”

The series will have 6 episodes, with weekly release from January 8, 2021. Episodes will be available for listening on Spotify, Spreaker, Apple Podcasts and all major free podcast listening apps.

For all information you can visit the official Piano P website.


Pompeii told in a podcast with voices of art and culture
Pompeii told in a podcast with voices of art and culture