Barbara Hepworth, the sculptor to whom today's doodle is dedicated

Today's Google doodle is dedicated to Barbara Hepworth, one of the most significant British sculptors of the 20th century.

Today’s Google doodle is dedicated to Barbara Hepworth (Wakefield, 1903 - St. Ives, 1975), among the leading British sculptors active on the international art scene.

During her lifetime, she stayed for two years in Italy and traveled across Europe, where she had the opportunity to meet Georges Braque and Piet Mondrian and visit the studios of Picasso, Brancusi and Arp.

In her sinuous sculptures of abstract forms in wood, stone, bronze and marble, relationships are central: not simply between two forms placed side by sidek, but between the human figure and the landscape, between color and material, between the individual and society.

In her lifetime she was considered an international figure, her works were exhibited all over the world; moreover, in a male-dominated society, Hepworth made herself respected, occupying a very active role through her art. In 1950 she represented Britain at the Venice Biennale, and in 1959 she won first prize at the São Paulo Biennale in Brazil. He also influenced numerous artists, architects, and designers, including Linder Sterling, Peter Jensen, and Rebecca Warren.

Significant evidence of his artistic activity remains in St. Ives, where he died: his studio, but especially his Sculpture Garden, which is where the artist lived and worked in the last years of his existence. He bought this place in 1949 and stayed here for twenty-six years, until a fire caused his death in 1975. Today the studio house and garden have been owned by the Tate since 1980.

In addition to sculpture, he devoted himself, though to a lesser extent, to drawing and painting and often documented both his sculptural and pictorial creations through photography. In this sense, the landscape of St. Ives became part of the presentation of his works to the world.

Pictured is Barbara Hepworth pictured in 1963 sculpting. Ph.Credit Val Wilmer. Courtesy Bowness, Hepworth Estate.

Barbara Hepworth, the sculptor to whom today's doodle is dedicated
Barbara Hepworth, the sculptor to whom today's doodle is dedicated

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