Garbatella, inaugurates Urban Fragments, smog-eating mural by Maria Ginzburg

Inaugurated at Garbatella, Rome, the new smog-eating mural promoted by Yourban2030: it is Urban Fragments by young street artist Maria Ginzburg.

In Rome’s Garbatella neighborhood, Yourban2030 inaugurates Urban Fragments, a new mural created by street artist Maria Ginzburg with which the redevelopment of the square in front of metro B, a symbolic access to one of the iconic neighborhoods of twentieth-century Rome, has come to an end.

The nonprofit led by Veronica De Angelis continues its efforts with another young female street art signature, the Italian-Russian Maria Ginzburg, who for the first time confronts Airlite’s smog-eating painting, in collaboration with ATAC and Municipio VIII.

The work offers anoriginal view of the neighborhood, offering anyone who passes through it an unprecedented map of Garbatella, highlighting its unique soul, along with monuments and places of interest. The light of the streets and alleys, the unexpected views and the colors of the buildings become an art form here. The symbolic access to one of Rome’s historic and characteristic neighborhoods is transformed into an information point that is both smart (thanks to the proximity technology of the smart wall inaugurated in December 2021) and artistic.

The new mural consists of 36 square meters of smog-eating paint that will remove (transforming them into inert salts) about 5.54 grams of NOx per day, like 36 square meters of forest, absorbing the smog of about 7.7 gasoline cars per day. The mural was curated and coordinated by Maura Crudeli, project manager of Yourban2030.

"With Urban Fragments we have completed that work of recovery of one of Rome’s focal points already started in December 2021 with Rome’s first smart wall, The Endless Growth signed by Alessandro Bello Tabbi and promoted in collaboration with Myllennium Award," explains Veronica De Angelis, president of the nonprofit Yourban2030. "We did so, this time, by entrusting a new work to a young woman artist, Maria Ginzburg. The square, the symbolic entrance to the Garbatella neighborhood, thus becomes from today a new and original access to the neighborhood, an example of a city that combines the new technologies of the Green Smart Wall and smog-eating paint with art, urban regeneration and livability. From today, anyone passing through this square will have the opportunity to access the informative and service-oriented digital content offered by the smart wall ’s proximity technology and to look at the Garbatella neighborhood with a new look. Urban Fragments is our way of enhancing this wonderful city quadrant, characterized by the Roman baroque. All this has been possible thanks to the efforts of Municipality VIII, which has invested in the neighborhood over the years with care and intelligence, and in collaboration with ATAC, which has made the walls and spaces available."

"Urban Fragments was a new experience in approaching murals, and it is my first green mural," says Maria Ginzburg. “The artistic idea came from confronting the context. We are talking about a wall that frames a social area, a place that was to become a meeting space from a mere passage. So I wanted to create a pattern representative of the historical artistic context of Garbatella, yet at the same time it had to be a work respectful of sociality. So the technical choice was the abstract pattern that was easy to visualize but also gave the possibility of further investigation for those interested in discovering the characters and details that imaginatively populate the neighborhood, live it and also give it that extra edge, with its monuments and artistic backgrounds.”

Maria Ginzburg, born in 1998, is a Russian-born artist, illustrator and student of painting and graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She trained in childhood illustration, particularly focusing on the popularization of themes such as disability and the relationship with the different and the foreign. He later developed a marked interest in issues related to environmental sustainability, anthropization and the changing relationship between man and nature in the contemporary context.

Photo by Yourban2030.

Garbatella, inaugurates Urban Fragments, smog-eating mural by Maria Ginzburg
Garbatella, inaugurates Urban Fragments, smog-eating mural by Maria Ginzburg

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