Rai suspends Alberto Angela for too low ratings? The company's version

Rai suspends Ulysses, Alberto Angela's cultural popularization program? There had been talk of ratings being too low for the first three episodes of the new season. Here's what the company says.

Has Rai suspended Alberto Angela’s program Ulisse ? Revealing the indiscretion had been the specialized website TvBlog this morning, according to which the top management of viale Mazzini made their decision because of the too low ratings of the first three episodes of the new season.

In fact, the first episode aired on April 21, dedicated to imperial Rome, totaled 3.338 million ratings corresponding to a 14.96 percent share, and the figure continued to drop continuously: 3.190 million for the April 28 episode on Henry VIII (13.88 percent share) and only 2.833 million viewers for the May 5 episode on the Etruscans (12.87 percent share). Lower numbers than for Angela’s previous programs, but still not far off.

As a result, it seems that an episode of Commissario Montalbano will be aired next Wednesday instead of the fourth episode.

“The schedule changes in cases like these,” TvBlog explains, “are necessary both to protect the product and for mere issues of optimization of the resources available to the networks, in a framework, even for public television, that also takes into account the ratings and the composition of the audience that populates the various evenings of the week. So now the two remaining unreleased episodes of Ulysses remain in Rai1’s drawer for the time being, waiting for a placement that will be good for both the product itself and the network that produced and hosts it.”

However, Rai lets it be known that in fact there is no suspension and that the program has had to put on the brakes due to Covid: new episodes are in the works. Reporting this version is Ansa. And then there is a post from the program's official Facebook page: "Dear ones," says the page addressing its audience, "we have new surprises in store for you. The whole program team is hard at work. Lemergency Covid has forced us to slow down the pace of production but we are preparing the last two episodes of this year's series. Two completely new episodes. The first is dedicated to St. Francis and Clare, two protagonists of the Middle Ages, saints and rebels. We will tell their story moving through the places where it all happened. The second deals with a very topical issue: the climate crisis we are going through. What are the causes? Is there still time to prevent it from precipitating? What can we do about it? Ulysses is coming back. Follow along with us with the usual effect."

Rai suspends Alberto Angela for too low ratings? The company's version
Rai suspends Alberto Angela for too low ratings? The company's version

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