The film on Pino Pascali is the best Italian documentary at the Turin Film Festival

"Pino," the film about the life of Pino Pascali, wins the award for best Italian documentary at the 38th Turin Film Festival.

Pino, Walter Fasano ’s film dedicated to one of the greatest Italian artists of the second half of the 20th century, Pino Pascali (Bari, Italy, 1935 - Rome, 1968), won the Best Film award in the Italiana.doc section (reserved for documentaries produced in Italy) at the 38th Turin Film Festival. The jury composed of Stefano Cravero, Gaia Furrer and Paola Piacenza awarded Fasano’s film with this motivation: “for the ability to translate a commissioned work into a free and personal creative exploration. By combining a return to the place of origin with Pascali’s paradox, nonconformity and volcanic gesture, the film transports the viewer to a dimension in which archival materials, words and sounds are living presences that open a dialogue between artist and filmmaker.”

The documentary starts in the summer of 1968 when, in Rome, Pino Pascali, at the height of a fulminating artistic career, dies very young in a motorcycle accident. With him disappears one of the protagonists of an extraordinary creative season in Italian and international art, and fifty years later the Pascali Museum in Polignano a Mare, Pino’s homeland, buys and exhibits his work Five Bristle Worms and a Cocoon from 1968. The story of the return to the places of his origins is an opportunity for a reflection on Pascali in a narrative dimension in which space and time bend and erase. Pino is accompanied by the voices of Suzanne Vega, Alma Jodorowsky, Monica Guerritore and Michele Riondino, and is a Passo Uno production for Regione Puglia, Fondazione Pino Pascali and Apulia Film Commission. The film was created in 2018, as part of the #Pascali2018 project, on the 50th anniversary of the artist’s death, on the occasion of the Polignano a Mare Museum’s acquisition of the aforementioned work Five bristle worms and a cocoon.

“To have been able to tell the story of such an extraordinary artist as Pino Pascali,” says Walter Fasano, “was a privilege. I would like to thank the Turin Festival and the Jury for choosing and awarding the film, and those who made it possible, wonderful collaborators and friends.”

“There can be no greater pleasure than to begin an exciting experience as coordinator of cultural activities for my region by celebrating the achievement of Walter Fasano’s film Pino, which was awarded as best film in the Italiana.doc section at the Turin Film Festival,” says Massimo Bray, councillor for Culture and Tourism of the Region of Puglia. “To Walter Fasano and his entire team go my congratulations and thanks. This is an important goal for the image of Puglia, a recognition of the extraordinary professionalism that we have and that we must in every way enhance.”

“The result achieved by Pino in the Italiana.doc section of the Turin Film Festival is confirmation that great choral projects always reward,” stresses Aldo Patruno, Director of the Department of Tourism, Cultural Economy and Territorial Enhancement of the Region of Puglia. Walter Fasano’s film, an expression of extraordinary Apulian talent, is the story of a journey, of the journey that brought home the work Five Bachi da Setola and a Bozzolo by Pascali, but also of the journey undertaken by Puglia in recent years in the name of cultural development. Some news, more than others, give a sense of how much Culture manages to cross even the darkness and project us into the light of the future."

“This is a great satisfaction for the Foundation,” stressed Rosalba Branà, director of the Pino Pascali Foundation. “Walter Fasano has given us back a Pino Pascali more alive than ever. The film marks an important turning point in the cinematography that tells about artists. From this moment we can only move forward.”

"Without false humility I must say that we were hoping for a major recognition for the film Pino," comments Antonio Parente, general director of Apulia Film Commission. “Knowing the extraordinary artistic qualities of Walter Fasano, the exceptional research that the Turin festival does every year and having had the good fortune to produce it, we knew exactly the film’s potential. I have to salute with affection all those who followed the project for almost three years, to whom I would like to dedicate my heartfelt thanks. We have brought home, to Apulia, a great professional of international Cinema with a prestigious award in our hands.”

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The film on Pino Pascali is the best Italian documentary at the Turin Film Festival
The film on Pino Pascali is the best Italian documentary at the Turin Film Festival

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