A monumental work by Loris Cecchini, "Spindles," is coming to Prato.

A monumental work by Loris Cecchini, one of the most highly regarded contemporary Italian artists, is about to be installed in Prato. It is called "Spindles" and is meant to symbolize the city's ability to withstand crises.

A work by Loris Cecchini (Milan, 1969), Spindles (“spindles”), which is intended to celebrate the city that does not stand still in the face of crisis, or even in the face of pandemic, is about to be installed in Prato. The project was presented on Thursday by Cecchini himself together with the president of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Prato, Franco Bini, the mayor, Matteo Biffoni, and councillors Simone Mangani and Valerio Barberis. The project was shared by the City of Prato, which, together with the Foundation, identified the space for the sculpture’s placement. The same municipality, the mayor and aldermen recalled, took care of the procedures for the installation and the construction of the base. The work is being worked on and the final placement is expected to take place soon.

For his sculpture, Cecchini chose a symbolic title, Spindles, which refers to the spindles on which the yarn is wound. It is a large modular sculpture made of steel and aluminum, composed of fifty elements, each in turn divided into three paired parts. For Cecchini, “they are the dynamic metaphor of the city and its inhabitants in continuous becoming, in which the singularity of individual elements always relates to a larger context, to the collective and plural moment.” The dimensions are important: over nine meters in base and height measurements. “The elements, grafted into each other,” the artist explains, “to form a kind of large growth diagram in which concepts such as singular and collective entity, technical and organic, variable and constant, become drawn metaphor of vector and dynamic relationship of the city and its inhabitants.”

The work will be placed in the green space along Via Cavour, near the ancient medieval walls included between the Medici bastion of San Giusto and the entrance to the former hospital. Spindles formally ranks among the artist’s best-known and most appreciated series of works, namely those modular metal structures that give rise to ever-changing formal configurations and whose conceptual reference revolves around the ideas of organic, growth, and particle expansion of matter in a continuous cross-reference between art, science, nature and culture. Councillor Barberis highlighted the new interweaving produced between the language of the historic city and that of the contemporary, which is to characterize the entrance to Prato’s new central park.

For Cecchini, this is a return to Prato, whose special vocation for contemporaneity he knows. He also collaborated with the Luigi Pecci Center and the City of Prato to create Waterbones, a permanent installation set up on the facade of the Lazzerini Library. “The work of art that the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio donates to the people of Prato, by virtue of a solid pact of collaboration with the Municipality,” Franco Bini emphasizes, “is meant to be a symbol of a dynamic community that draws from solidarity and openness to the new the strength to face a complex future.”

Pictured is a rendering of Spindles by Loris Cecchini.

A monumental work by Loris Cecchini,
A monumental work by Loris Cecchini, "Spindles," is coming to Prato.

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