Emergence, the work made from discarded fabrics that is inspired by ... a fish

Sustainable industrial production and art meet in Elena Radaelli's work Emersion inspired by an ancient Hindu myth. It is on display from Jan. 27 to Feb. 12, 2023 in the former Athenaeum in Bergamo's Upper City.

From Jan. 27 to Feb. 12, 2023, as part of Fiber Storming, an event coordinated and promoted by ArteMorbida Textile Arts Magazine and curated by Barbara Pavan, Emersion, a work that develops from theuse of textiles with different textures and structures and arrives at the narration of a story, that between man and nature, intending to emphasize the need for dialogue between the parties for the care and flourishing of both, is on display in the former university in Città Alta in Bergamo. An encounter between industrial production and art, between Sitip ’s choice to reduce its impact on the environment and Elena Redaelli’s creative journey. At the end of the event, the work Emersion will be on permanent display at Sitip’s headquarters in Cene, in the middle Seriana Valley.

Various types of materials and fabrics converge in the work, suggesting different sensations to the touch, united by almost monochrome tones. It takes the form of a modular scaled composition, reminiscent of a fish skin: artist Elena Redaelli was inspired by an ancient Hindu myth, very similar to the biblical myth of the universal flood, where the fish is one of the central figures. Manu, the Vedic progenitor of the human race is warned by the fish Matsya, whom he had helped years earlier, that catastrophe was imminent and that the only way to save himself would be to build a boat. Manu listens to the fish, building a large boat on which he also carries plant seeds. In the midst of the titanic waves and raging winds of catastrophe, Manu invokes the help of Matsya, who appears from the billows as a mammoth fish with shiny scales as hard as steel, with a huge shiny horn attached to its forehead. The little fish rescued by Manu, who has become huge, manages to carry the ark safely to the top of the Himalayas. A simple story where it is nature itself that saves the man who was able to listen to it and take care of it.

"The work is, also thanks to the materials used, the visual realization of a much higher concept. In Emersion, a dynamic thrust imparts a bottom-up movement to submerged elements, inducing them to rise beyond the immobility of the surface,“ Elena Redaelli explains, ”thus bursting into space, lifting and altering the pre-existing balance to create new dynamics and connections."

“We believe that alongside concrete initiatives to reduce our environmental impact, we also need initiatives that stimulate reflection first and sharing later,” emphasizes Silvana Pezzoli, Executive Vice President of Sitip. “And there is nothing like art that succeeds in this goal. That is why we are extremely proud to have contributed to the work signed by Elena and even happier when we will be able to exhibit it in the company.”

The materials used by the artist are waste fabrics from the Native Sustainable Textiles line produced with recycled yarns and low-impact manufacturing processes, which have the characteristic of reducing the consumption of natural resources. Sitip’s active participation in this initiative aims at an increasing corporate presence on the territory with initiatives to support the environment and its inhabitants.

Image: Elena Radaelli, Emersion (2022)

Emergence, the work made from discarded fabrics that is inspired by ... a fish
Emergence, the work made from discarded fabrics that is inspired by ... a fish

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