A culture for Europe: two days dedicated in Brescia

On Nov. 23 and 24, the VIII National Conference "Italy is Culture" will be held in Brescia, organized by AICI - The Association of Italian Cultural Institutions. It will address the issue of the position of Italian culture as a building block of European culture.

On Nov. 23 and 24, the8th NationalConference “Italy is Culture” will be held in Brescia, organized by AICI - The Association of Italian Cultural Institutions, together with the Directorate General for Education, Research, Cultural Institutes of the Ministry of Culture, and in collaboration with the Brescia Musei Foundation and the Luigi Micheletti Foundation, and with the contribution of the Fondazione Comunità Bresciana and the Cariplo Foundation.

The eighth Conference will address the theme “A Culture for Europe,” that is, the position of Italian culture as a pillar of European culture, with the dual objective of deepening knowledge of the most advanced experiences in existence within the European Union and addressing some issues that, due to their thematic relevance and underlying complexity, demand to be dealt with in a dimension that is no longer exclusively national.

The Conference will be divided into two days: the first will be dedicated to the AICI Members’ Assembly and an introductory meeting to reflect on the activities carried out in the context of the Italian Capital of Culture, by the Brescian members of the AICI (Brescia Musei Foundation, Luigi Micheletti Foundation).

The following day on November 24 will be opened by the institutional greetings and the introductory report of the presidency, and will be divided into three panels, each dedicated to specific themes of in-depth study: the first dedicated to cultural work in Italy and Europe, its reality and its future; the second to the prospects of digital transition, with particular reference also to related issues concerning the impact on the intellectual property regime; and the third to the fruition of heritage, understood as the heritage of communities and therefore open to new forms of communication and new audiences.

In each panel, Italian and foreign speakers, chosen from among the leading experts in each subject, will meet with executives from the Ministry of Culture and with representatives of the associated institutes, with the hope that from each meeting can come both new elements of knowledge of the European cultural model and concrete operational indications that will enable the European vocation of the associated institutes to be strengthened and lay the groundwork for building a network at the continental level as well.

Representatives from the European Commission, the government, local administrations and the rectors of Brescian universities were invited to the conference. Participating for the Directorate General for Education, Research and Cultural Institutes are Director General Andrea De Pasquale, Alessandra Franzone, manager of Service I - Study Office, and Gabriele Capone, manager of Service II - Cultural Institutes.

The conference will be streamed on AICI’s Facebook page: facebook.com/associazioneaici

More information on the AICI website

A culture for Europe: two days dedicated in Brescia
A culture for Europe: two days dedicated in Brescia

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