All set for Modenantiquaria 2023: the XXXVI edition kicks off

The XXXVI edition of Modenantiquaria, an international event dedicated to fine antiques, will kick off tomorrow at Modena Fiere. February 11-19, 2023.

The XXXVI edition of Modenantiquaria will start tomorrow, February 11, renewing the annual appointment with the international event dedicated to high antiques. An ambitious and sought-after project, a destination for art lovers, designers and experts in the field, Modenantiquaria will in fact open its doors to the public at ModenaFiere until Feb. 19, 2023, with the aim of further improving on last year’s successful result: “An edition of true excellence that brought to Modena many of the best Italian galleries and some excellent international galleries,” ModenaFiere General Manager Marco Momoli called it. In fact, the quality and value of the exhibits, in addition to the prestige of the galleries, is further guaranteed and certified by the vetting committee, composed of internationally accredited art historians who examine all exhibits before the opening of the event.

Sponsored by Associazione Antiquari d’Italia and FIMA, Modenantiquaria has long been the event of choice for those seeking excellence in the field offine antiques. A unique meeting opportunity for collectors, enthusiasts and art dealers. An important showcase for the most illustrious galleries in the sector, which often also exhibit previously unseen works.

“To paraphrase a famous phrase by Italo Calvino, an antique has never finished saying what it has to say,” comments Pietro Cantore, President of Antiquari Modenesi and Treasurer of the Associazione Antiquari d’Italia. "This is why I am convinced that the antiques market and Modenantiquaria will continue to be very successful. This exhibition is an important opportunity to continue the dialogue with collectors, especially those of the new generation."

Many outstanding names will participate in the 2023 edition of Modenantiquaria: from Enrico Gallerie d’Arte to Secol-Art, Iotti Antichità, Galleria Romigioli, Copetti Antiquari e Antichità Giglio, Cantore Galleria Antiquaria to Tiziana Sassoli’s Fondantico, Tornabuoni Arte and Butterfly Institute, as well as Marletta Gallery and Stefano and Guido Cribiori’s Studiolo, Mearini Fine Art, Caiati Old Masters, Mirco Cattai, 800/900 Art Studio, La Pieve Antiquities, Giglio Antiquities, Arcuti Fine Art, and Galleria le Due Torri.

Then, as part of Modenantiquaria, the Fourth Antiquarian Convention, entitled Antiquarian Future, will be held on Feb. 13 and 14, organized by FIMA, the Italian Federation of Art Dealers (FIMA), or the Confcommercio - Imprese per l’Italia member organization that brings together the provincial and regional associations of the Italian antiquarian world. The Conference intends to focus on the figure of the Italian antiquarian in the art market in Europe, delving into the problems of the sector related to the trade of antique works in Italy and in Europe in order to raise awareness of the institutions towards a rebalancing of the regulations in European countries in order to guarantee operators the same market conditions. To better understand the overall picture, representatives of European federations in the sector will be invited to the conference.

After last year’s success, Sculptura. Italian Masterpieces from the Thirteenth to the Twentieth Century: Modenantiquaria thus offers itself as the perfect context for a project that has been missing, designed specifically for a renewed interest in sculpture. Art collectors, designers and experts in search of the unique piece will have here the opportunity to confront the excellence of tradition, great authors and more innovative proposals. Thanks to the support of the Associazione Antiquari d’Italia, this year the project will present a wider and more prestigious selection of works, in an arrangement that will accompany the public on the journey and in the purchase of unique pieces. This second edition of Sculptura will feature thirty works from fifteen major galleries: Giorgio Baratti Antiquario, Alessandra di Castro, Altomani &Sons, Bruno Botticelli, Brun Fine Art, Cantore Galleria Antiquaria, Carlo Orsi, Copetti Antiquari, Galleria Gomiero, Gallo Fine Art, Mearini Fine Art, Moretti Fine Art, Davide Masoero’s Secol Art, Robilant + Voena, and Longari Arte Milano. From the Middle Ages to the early 20th century, from lego to marble, terracotta to bronze: the exhibition spans a wide time span, heterogeneous materials and styles.

As a collateral event, Petra also returns. In a new and scenic setting of more than 3,000 square meters, it will offer solutions of all types, tastes and sizes to those who want to furnish, design, or renovate a garden, farmhouse or second home. Leading galleries will offer visitors customized exterior design solutions that can transform any space into a unique and original environment. Anyone will have the opportunity to furnish their space according to their personal taste, whether oriented toward a contemporary breath or toward history and tradition. Large statues, terracotta amphorae, wrought iron gates, ancient flowerpots, marble fountains and basins, but also entire greenhouses and winter gardens. An entire “green” pavilion will offer a totally different setting from that of a classic fair. Here visitors will find outdoor antiques to enrich the green areas of fine homes, but not only.

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Hours: Monday through Wednesday from 3 to 7 p.m.; Thursday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Below are images of some of the works on display.

Guglielmo Ciardi, Pescatori sulla secca (olio su tela, 53 x 86 cm) presso Galleria Cesaro
Guglielmo Ciardi, Fishermen on the Shoal (oil on canvas, 53 x 86 cm) at Cesaro Gallery
Adamo Tadolini, Kronos (terzo/quarto decennio del XIX secolo; terracotta, 35 x 26 x 23 cm) presso Galleria Marletta
Adamo Tadolini, Kronos (third/fourth decade of the 19th century; terracotta, 35 x 26 x 23 cm) at Marletta Gallery
Gerolamo Cenatempo, Sansone e Dalila (1713; olio su tela, 151,5 x 258,5 cm) presso Secol-Art
Gerolamo Cenatempo, Samson and Delilah (1713; oil on canvas, 151.5 x 258.5 cm) at Secol-Art
Giuseppe Varotti, Salomone incensa gli idoli (olio su tela, 138 x 98 cm) presso Galleria Le Due Torri
Giuseppe Varotti, Solomon Incenses the Idols (oil on canvas, 138 x 98 cm) at Le Due Torri Gallery
Michelangelo Ricciolini, La creazione di Eva. Presso Galleria Roberto Ducci
Michelangelo Ricciolini, The Creation of Eve.
Roberto Ducci Gallery
Sassoferrato, Madonna col Bambino benedicente e san Giovannino (olio su tela, 74 x 60 cm) presso Galleria Giamblanco
Sassoferrato, Madonna and Child Blessing and St. John
the Baptist
(oil on canvas, 74 x 60 cm) at Galleria Giamblanco
Gregorio di Lorenzo, Madonna col Bambino (marmo) presso Antichità All'Oratorio
Gregorio di Lorenzo, Madonna and Child (marble) at Antichità All’Oratorio
Francesco Battaglioli, Capriccio architettonico (olio su tela, 158 x 82 cm) presso Attilio Cecchetto Antiquario
Francesco Battaglioli, Capriccio architettonico (oil on canvas, 158 x 82 cm) at Attilio Cecchetto Antiquario
Giovanni Fattori, Butteri in Maremma (1880-85) presso Galleria Goldoni
Giovanni Fattori, Butteri in Maremma (1880-85) at Goldoni Gallery
Alberto Savinio, Albero araldico (1934) presso Galleria Frediano Farsetti
Alberto Savinio, Heraldic Tree (1934) at Frediano Farsetti Gallery
Jacopo Amigoni, Ritratto di nobildonna (olio su tela) presso Gallo Fine Art
Jacopo Amigoni, Portrait of a Noblewoman (oil on canvas) at Gallo Fine Art

All set for Modenantiquaria 2023: the XXXVI edition kicks off
All set for Modenantiquaria 2023: the XXXVI edition kicks off