Are you able to tell the story of Leonardo da Vinci's innovative spirit? For you there are 12,500 euros

'Milano da Vinci' competition launches: €12,500 from Accenture Foundation and City of Milan to tell the story of Leonardo da Vinci's innovative spirit.

The Milano da Vinci competition was presented today, which will reward the best creative ideas, submitted by teams under 35, capable of recounting the innovative spirit of Leonardo da Vinci through the use of new media. The competition is promoted by Fondazione Italiana Accenture in collaboration with the City of Milan and in partnership with Fondazione Milano - Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti and represents, on the occasion of the upcoming celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the artist’s death, a project that aims to enhance the intellectual legacy and creative drive that Leonardo left to the city of Milan.

The challenge for participants is to tell the story of Leonardo’s creative genius in Milan in an innovative way, with the aim of promoting the city as an attractive, tourist and technological hub. The project ideas will have to reflect on the material and immaterial legacy of the great genius through the enhancement of places and works related to him, such as: the Sala delle Asse of the Castello Sforzesco, the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, the Last Supper, the National Museum of Science and Technology and many others. Design ideas may range from interactive art to video art, from light design to examples of media performance and installation art, among others, and must be structured specifically for the spaces and online channels of the City of Milan and more generally for activities promoting the territory in Italy and abroad. The competition stands out for the value given to training, which consists of several activities including 4 e-learning modules for all participants, two days of workshops and a mentorship path for the 8 finalist teams, three months of coaching for the 2 winning teams. Each of the latter will also be paid a cash prize worth 12,500 euros for the implementation of the project. The projects will be evaluated first by an online jury composed of members of the City of Milan, Fondazione Italiana Accenture and Fondazione Milano, and later by a second jury that will include not only the promoters and partners of the competition but also experts in the fields of art and culture, digital and creativity.

Milano da Vinci, active from December 5 until February 4, 2019, is hosted on Fondazione Italiana Accenture’s digital platform where it is possible to consult the call for entries, follow the e-learning path and participate in the competition. For more information, to read the call for entries and to submit your project, you can visit the initiative’s website.

“After the fruitful collaboration carried out in the past,” recalled Diego Visconti, president of Fondazione Italiana Accenture, “the City of Milan has asked us to launch a new competition that is part of the initiatives of the 2019 program for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. With the Milano da Vinci competition we want to give young people the opportunity to experiment with new ways of communicating and representing the innovative soul that distinguishes the city of Milan. Leonardo left a precious legacy that we hope young creatives will be able to embrace and enhance.”

“The nine months of Leonardo da Vinci celebrations,” recalled Roberta Guaineri, Councillor for Tourism, Sports and Quality of Life of the City of Milan, “will represent an extraordinary opportunity for Milan to strengthen its vocation as a tourist city. Leonardo’s creative drive, as a globally recognized icon, in its being innovative, open, interdisciplinary, is an important legacy for the city, which maintains a look at the historical heritage of its past and looks beyond, to a future of change and awareness of its role in the world. For this reason, the competition conceived by Fondazione Italiana Accenture fits perfectly into the broad promotion plan involving institutions and private entities for this historic event: in fact, who if not students and young creatives can embody Leonardo’s legacy, and find a new way to promote Milan as the city of Leonardo Da Vinci, attractive, touristic, technological, sustainable, open?”

“We are proud to present this competition that invites all participants to investigate and reinterpret the creative and technological legacy that Leonardo left us,” stressed Culture Councilor Filippo Del Corno. “On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of the genius from Vinci, to whom the City of Milan has dedicated an annual schedule, we are in fact asking young people to present innovative projects that know how to enhance this material and intangible legacy, contributing to the promotion of the artistic, cultural and technological heritage of our city.”

“Our convinced adherence to this project (which renews the positive collaboration with Fondazione Accenture and the Municipality of Milan, started on the occasion of the ’A place to be-expo 2015’ campaign) stems from the fact that it is not just a competition, but an intense experience of professional growth for all participants,” said Marilena Adamo, President of Fondazione Milano. “The Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti, in addition to having collaborated in the design of the contest, will in fact follow the training, tutoring and implementation of the projects, supporting the young people in the creation of innovative and quality multimedia products. In this contest a theme emerges that is very dear to us: the close link between innovation and training.”

Are you able to tell the story of Leonardo da Vinci's innovative spirit? For you there are 12,500 euros
Are you able to tell the story of Leonardo da Vinci's innovative spirit? For you there are 12,500 euros

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