Art and wine in the Empolese Valdelsa Museums: comes Tastin' MuDEV, the free program combining art and taste

In the museums of MuDEV (Museo Diffuso Empolese Valdelsa) comes Tastin' Mudev, a program of free wine tastings and in-depth study of local art history.

Art and wine: a novel combination for some, more usual for others. But still always capable of providing surprises. And the Tastin’ MuDEV program, which arrives this spring in the institutes of the Museo Diffuso Empolese Valdelsa (MuDEV), is based on that pairing. Three evenings in as many museums during which it will be possible to learn about the local artistic heritage as well as the wine heritage, with wine tastings paired with works of art.

The museums involved are the Museo Benozzo Gozzoli - BeGo in Castelfiorentino (on March 24), the Museo della Collegiata di Sant’Andrea in Empoli (on April 7) and the Museo della Ceramica in Montelupo Fiorentino (on April 21). Each museum presents the public with a multi-sensory journey designed ad hoc by art and wine experts for an audience of up to 20 participants. Each of the evenings includes two replicas, at 6 and 9 p.m. Tastin’ Mudev, curated by Alessia Nardi and Carlotta Mazzoli in collaboration with Luca Bochicchio, Jacopo Fanciulli and Daniele Rizzo, includes stages of participatory knowledge of the works on display and types of local wines, always with the company of art expert guides and professional tasters, but also facilitators and aggregators: the public will thus have the opportunity to read and interpret works of local art history, as well as to interpret the history and processes of Empolese Valdelsa wine production.

“The project,” reads the presentation, "was born with the intention of creating an unprecedented path of in-depth study, discovery and fruition of the art and territory of the Empolese-Valdelsa, adapting the newly created format Tastin’ Paintings by Luca Bochicchio and Jacopo Fanciulli. Starting from the study of a small selection of works exhibited in the three selected museums and the analysis of the territorial wine culture, multiple comparisons and connections will be established, in search of common stories, languages and sensations, traceable in the artistic tradition as much as in the wine tradition. The project activates an unusual synecdoche that will allow participants to “taste” the works and “see” the wine." The evenings are possible thanks to the support of MuDEV, Fara Vetrerie Cristallerie and local farms: Agricola Tamburini, Azienda Agricola Il Cipollatico, Tenuta Barbadoro, Fattoria Piccaratico, Fattoria di Piazzano, Azienda Agricola La Ripa Verde, Azienda Agricola Il Cavallone, Tenuta San Vito in Fior di Selva, and Azienda Agricola Guiducci.

Participation in the events is totally free (thanks to the support offered by MuDEV and sponsors) but requires reservations: simply write an email to and wait for confirmation of acceptance, or book at the ticket offices of the museums involved in the initiative.

Pictured: a moment of Tastin’ Paintings, the format from which Tastin’ Mudev was born, at the Jorn Museum in Albissola Marina (Savona).

Art and wine in the Empolese Valdelsa Museums: comes Tastin' MuDEV, the free program combining art and taste
Art and wine in the Empolese Valdelsa Museums: comes Tastin' MuDEV, the free program combining art and taste

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