Artissima 2022, dates and theme of 29th edition announced

The 2022 edition of Artissima, Turin's contemporary art fair, is beginning to take shape: director Luigi Fassi announced the dates and theme today.

The twenty-ninth edition of Artissima, Turin ’s contemporary art fair that will return Thursday, Nov. 3, 2022 to theOval Lingotto, is beginning to take shape, welcoming the public from Friday, Nov. 4 to Sunday, Nov. 6, for the first time under the leadership of Luigi Fassi, who was appointed director of the fair on Feb. 1 with a three-year tenure.

Only a few weeks after taking office, Luigi Fassi has already laid the foundations of the edition to build an appointment that, in continuity with the established curatorial identity of the fair, seeks to respond effectively and rapidly to the continuous transformations of the present. The theme chosen for this year’s edition is Transformative Experience, a concept elaborated by American philosopher L. A. Paul in the essay of the same name published in 2014 by Oxford University Press. According to the author, a transformative experience is capable of radically altering the person experiencing it, challenging his or her rationally prefigured expectations and opening a perspective into the unknown.

“The art world as a whole,” writes Luigi Fassi, “has seen in recent years changes in its rules, modes of exchange and informational interaction between practitioners and enthusiasts, navigating towards multiple horizons of transformation. However, the urgency of meeting and immediate relationship, dictated by the desire to know and live the experience of art in real time and to continue to learn what is new emerging on the present scene, has remained more alive and burning than ever. It is precisely the theme of how we all experience the onset of transformative experiences in our lives that is the central inspiration of the Artissima 2022 edition. A transformative experience is one that opens up new horizons to our senses, thoughts and emotions, to the point where we can change ourselves profoundly as people. The contemporary American philosopher Laurie Anne Paul argues in her book Transformative Experience (2014) that personally transformative experiences are those that we cannot in any way rationally anticipate or prefigure, because nothing can replace their vivid manifestation as a revelation of a territory as yet unknown to us.”

“The year 2022,” Fassi continues, “is the year in which we want to return to choose transformative experiences that become authentic revelations, dictated by the rhythm of social relations and by a moment that is so close to our hearts, that of the privileged encounter with art, which carries within itself a transformative potential whose value is unique and non-replaceable for each of us. The encounter with art is at the same time a revelatory experience: an intense acceleration towards an unknown but desired future, capable of changing us cognitively and personally and providing us with new tools to read the world. Artissima 2022 brings back the curated stands of the Present Future, Back to the Future and Drawings sections in full physical presence, maintaining and capitalizing on the digital extension that has characterized them over the past two years. With the team, we have resumed traveling to meet and discover emerging and experimental realities with the aim of bringing galleries from multiple international scenes to converge in Turin and propose to the collecting world a fresh and varied offer. We will strengthen the image of Artissima as a privileged place in which to make acquisitions and meet museum dialogue partners, as well as promote the fair’s close relationship with the City of Turin, its museums, foundations and galleries with which cooperation and relationships will be maintained and enhanced.”

All the new features of the edition will be presented in June, but Luigi Fassi has already anticipated that among them will be the return in presence of the three curated sections of Artissima: Present Future, Back to the Future, and Drawings, which will also continue to live online with in-depth video, images, interviews, and podcasts. The curatorial teams in charge of selecting the works and artists presented in the curated sections will be renewed. Among the names already confirmed are Irina Zucca Alessandrelli (curator, Collezione Ramo - Milan), Saim Demircan (independent curator and writer, Turin) and Maurin Dietrich (director, Kunstverein München - Munich). Intesa Sanpaolo’s support is reconfirmed as Main Partner of the event with which Artissima shares the idea that art is a fundamental engine for reactivating virtuous mechanisms of social dynamism and cultural enrichment. Finally, starting today, Monday, March 7, applications for the next edition are available on the Artissima website(, both for the curated sections and for the historical Main Section, New Entries, Monologue/Dialogue and Art Spaces & Editions.

Image: a photo from the 2021 edition of Artissima

Artissima 2022, dates and theme of 29th edition announced
Artissima 2022, dates and theme of 29th edition announced

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