Claude Monet film in Italian cinemas on Feb. 14 and 15

Nexo Digital's film "I Claude Monet," dedicated to the life of the great Impressionist, will be released in Italian theaters Feb. 14 and 15.

It will be a Valentine’s Day in the name ofart with the film I, Claude Monet, dedicated to the great Impressionist Claude Monet (Paris, 1840 - Giverny, 1926), which will be shown in Italian theaters on February 14 and 15.

The film, inspired by Monet’s writings (including his letters, which will be revived on film thanks in part to Henry Goodman’s performance), will take the viewer on a discovery of the great artist’s life: an unmissable moment will be the reconstruction of the famous Impressionist exhibition during which the painter exhibited his Impression, Soleil levant of 1874, sanctioning, in fact, the official birth of the movement. Over one hundred paintings by the great Monet will be projected on the screen in high definition.

The film is directed by Paul Grabsky, who said:
"I really love working on artists’ biographies, because when you read their correspondence carefully, when you go back to the places where they lived and carefully examine the paintings they made, you trace a richer and more sincere personality. This is what happened with Monet. There is nothing obvious about this artist. What strikes one most powerfully is his passion, his endless research and, finally, his genius."

I, Claude Monet is a Nexo Digital production in collaboration with Sky Arte HD and To find out if it will be shown in your theater, log on to Nexo Digital’s website (click here) and scroll through the list of theaters where the film is playing.

Claude Monet film in Italian cinemas on Feb. 14 and 15
Claude Monet film in Italian cinemas on Feb. 14 and 15

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