Discorivolution, Milan's PAC turns into a disco for 72 hours

The PAC - Pavilion of Contemporary Art will be transformed into a disco for 72 hours for a curatorial research project to reflect on what the current meaning of clubbing is.

A three-day exhibition (March 3 to 5, 2023) and a museum that turns into a disco for 72 hours: this is Discorivoluzione. You Got to Get In to Get Out, a curatorial research project by Politecnico di Milano, Le Cannibale and PAC, which aims to reflect on what the current meaning of clubbing is.

An investigation that intends to gather evidence, traces and fragments of an ephemeral and revolutionary world still capable of intercepting the contemporary with stories that anticipated its social and cultural complexity. Electronic music, dance, dress code, assertion of one’s identity, and struggle for civil rights represented an overcoming of the pure material scale of these discomusical interiors, transforming them into places of elaboration and experimentation of a new ecosystem of change. This multiplicity of trends and behaviors developed an exploratory code in which the discotheque became a site of negotiation, political activism, and often a rewriting of the relationships and rights that governed it internally.

Discorivoluzione aims to be an exhibition-event that recounts the results of a three-year research cycle, developed through the synergy of students and faculty of the Interior Design Laboratory led by Davide F. Colaci and Lola Ottolini. Three exploratory sections - Discodiorama, Discoarcheology and Discoarchivio - critically reread the clubbing scenario from 1960 to the present and narrate it through direct experience and a multiplicity of self-produced media and materials. Five Disco-installations designed by the students will activate the spaces of the PAC Pavilion of Contemporary Art during two musical events curated by Le Cannibale, expressing that glimpse into the present and future of clubbing of which the project is the bearer.

Friday and Saturday nights Le Cannibale will transform the PAC into an exclusive club with DJ Daniele Baldelli. He will be joined by another DJ, Fabio Monesi. Saturday night guests will be German artist Lena Willikens, resident DJ of the famous Salon Des Amateurs, and Japanese musician and singer Hiroko Hacci.

The project is curated by Davide Fabio Colaci, Lola Ottolini, Lorenzo Cellini, Alberto Dapporto, Riccardo Ferrari, Chiara Lionello, Gregorio Minelli Vacchi, Giulia Novati, Paola Ostellino with students from the Interior Architecture Design Laboratory of the Milan Polytechnic + Albert Hofer, Marco Greco of Le Cannibale

Image: Mural by Keith Haring in the Palladium (1985) © Timothy Hursley, Garvey Simon Gallery

Info and hours: https://www.pacmilano.it/
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Free admission exhibition. Special events for a fee.

Discorivolution, Milan's PAC turns into a disco for 72 hours
Discorivolution, Milan's PAC turns into a disco for 72 hours

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