In Forlì, a mega-installation by Flavio Favelli, on a wall nearly 25 meters long

From June 14 and throughout the summer, Ecstasy, the large permanent work created by Flavio Favelli on a nearly 25-meter wall inside in the EXATR cultural center in Forlì can be visited during EXTRAterrestrial events.

A collage of posters made by Flavio Favelli (Florence, 1967) nearly 25 meters long will occupy a wall of EXATR, the industrial archeology building and cultural hub ,home of the two festivals Ipercorpo and Meet the Docs! on the outskirts of downtown Forlì, created in the spaces of a large former courier depot built in 1935, for the entire summer.

Ecstasy (2023), that’s the name of the large installation, can be visited from June 14 and then every Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. to midnight, up to and including July 26 and with a final evening on Aug. 27, 2023, on the occasion of ETRAterrestrial, the series of events that will run through EXATR throughout the summer, curated by Undecided Spaces and City of Ebla and in collaboration with Diagonal Loft Club.

A new theater hall

The work is realized together with the use of the new 100-seat theater hall within the spaces of EXATR, recently the subject of a major regeneration project curated by City of Ebla and Undecided Spaces, going to form ideally and physically the gateway to the space. EXATR is increasingly becoming the place for contemporary art and performativity in the City of Forli.

INFO EXATR: - T. 375.7150258 Event curated by: City of Ebla and Sunset in collaboration with Tiresia Media In network with: EXATR, Indecisive Spaces, Forli. Thresholds With the contribution of: MIC, Emilia-Romagna Region, Municipality of Forlì In collaboration with: Diagonal Loft Club, Romagna Acque - Società delle Fonti.

“The Royal Rouge was a red-light cinema in Bologna on Via Rizzoli,” declares Flavio Favelli, "Near the Ambasciatori and not far from the Contavalli the red-light cinemas in the center were numerous. I remember the green posters with red lettering, or yellow lettering on a blue background. Women’s names and then there was always America in the middle, New York and California; I was 7-8 years old and my mother would always pick up the pace when we passed the Royal Rouge, the double red light cinema."

In Forlì, a mega-installation by Flavio Favelli, on a wall nearly 25 meters long
In Forlì, a mega-installation by Flavio Favelli, on a wall nearly 25 meters long

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