In Milan, Caravaggio comes to the theater

A play about Caravaggio is coming to Milan: 'Io, Caravaggio,' starring Cesare Capitani and Laetitia Casta, is scheduled at Teatro Franco Parenti.

From Nov. 21 to 26, the play “I, Caravaggio” will be staged at Milan’s Franco Parenti Theater.
Inspired by Dominique Fernandez ’s novel "La Course à l’abîme," the play has been presented for years, starting in 2010, in Paris and throughout France, and now comes to Italy in a new version with Cesare Capitani, performer and author of the play, and Laetitia Favart.

Caravaggio relives before the viewer’s eyes: his childhood in the small Lombard village, his approach to painting, his first problems with the law, and his flight to Rome in the hope of making his fortune.
In the Eternal City the young Michelangelo Merisi, thanks to a few paintings charged with an unseen strength and eroticism, shocks painting and achieves glory. The powerful contend for him, cardinals protect him, and he quickly becomes the official painter of the Church.

But Caravaggio is a man of violent and solitary character: he rejects any compromise, any advantage that his talent and contacts might grant him. His way of life is a constant provocation, a constant affront to morality, and the trials against him multiply: he spends long periods in prison, savors the bitter taste of decline and misery, is guilty of murder, and is sentenced to death.
His life will end, tragically and mysteriously on a desolate beach north of Rome.

“The essential thing for me was to have met a flesh-and-blood character,” Capitani explains, “a man who tells his story and lays himself bare. A rebel devoted to self-destruction. An artist in perpetual pursuit of perfection. A being who is violent but at the same time fragile, seductive and shocking as the characters in his paintings are.”

Produced by Prisma, the show has a French-language repeat performance scheduled for Nov. 23. For information and reservations you can visit the Franco Parenti Theater website.

In Milan, Caravaggio comes to the theater
In Milan, Caravaggio comes to the theater

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