Let's read a story to be transported to distant worlds. The #ioleggoperché social literary relay.

The #ioleggoperché social literary relay started. A book can transport us to distant worlds and keep us company.

#leggiamounastoria: the social literary relay race of #ioleggoperché, a national initiative for the creation and strengthening of school libraries, organized and promoted by theItalian Publishers Association (AIE), has kicked off, aiming to put books and reading at the center, networking with authors and creating a bridge with schools.

Thanks to the support and collaboration of publishing houses, writers have sent and are sending a reading, a short text, which will be posted on the project’s social channels and on the website www.ioleggoperche.it. The messages and stories will thus reach children and young people in the more than 15,000 schools participating in #ioleggoperché nationwide and all reading enthusiasts.

“In times of difficulty, books are able to transport us to distant worlds, to make us dream and keep us company,” said the president of the Italian Publishers Association (AIE), Ricardo Franco Levi. “They have the power to lighten our thoughts with the mere power of words. At a time of emergency that involves the whole country, the message we want to send is to enjoy a book, safe from the armchair at home, thus offering the #ioleggoperché community, composed of teachers, students, parents, booksellers and reading enthusiasts, valuable and entertaining content to put books and reading back at the center of time and thoughts.”

Opening the initiative were Rudy Zerbi and Luciana Littizzetto, but they will be followed by Luigi Garlando, Luca Perri, Bruno Tognolini, Alessandro Barbaglia, Luigi Ballerini, Marta Palazzesi and Rapper Kento. And again, Marco Bianchi, Riccardo Bocca, Alessandra Leonardi, Pietro Ratto, Gabriella Anania, Piergiorgio Radaelli, Alessandra Sala, Eleonora Polo, Luigi Borzacchini, Eleonora Bellini, Bruno Damore, Marco Sicurezza, Barbara Bolzan, Riccardo Mari, Sara Sesti, Daniele Dellagnola, Maurizio Panizza, Carla Petrocelli, Aldo Simeone, Sabina Colloredo, Leonardo Patrignani, Andrea Franzoso, Andrea Granelli, Rita Garzetta, Mirko Montini and many others.

#ioleggoperché is a project of AIE, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), the Italian Booksellers Association (ALI), the Italian Booksellers and Stationers Union (SIL), theItalian Library Association (AIB) and with the Center for Books and Reading, Confindustria - Culture and Development Technical Group, with the support of SIAE - Società Italiana Autori ed Editori. The project has the patronage of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MIBACT) and the Bank of Italy.

For more info: www.ioleggoperche.it

Let's read a story to be transported to distant worlds. The #ioleggoperché social literary relay.
Let's read a story to be transported to distant worlds. The #ioleggoperché social literary relay.

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