Manifesta 12: June 16 to November 4, 2018 in Palermo

From June 16 to November 4, 2018, the city of Palermo will host Manifesta 12, a nomadic European biennial of contemporary art and culture.

From June 16 to November 4, 2018, Palermo will host Manifesta 12, a nomadic European biennial of contemporary art and culture and site-specific cultural project that investigates the relationship between culture and society through a dialogue with the social sphere. The aim is to realize creative experiences with the context in which it takes place.

As always, Manifesta 12 is individually funded and is managed by a permanent team of international specialists consisting of Tatiana Tarragó, Paul Domela, Esther Regueira, Yana Klichuk, Asell Yusupova, Marieke van Hal and Mikaela Poltz, as well as Manifesta 12 general director Roberto Albergoni and coordinator Francesca Verga.

Palermo was chosen because of its relevance to issues of migration and climate conditions.
Manifesta director Hedwig Fijen said, “Manifesta 12 in Palermo is a great challenge to rethink how cultural interventions can play a strong role in helping to redefine one of the most iconic Mediterranean crossroads in our history, within a long process of transformation. Manifesta 12 aims to address several questions including: citizen participation in the governance of the City, and how to recognize themselves as citizens and reappropriate the City. The City’s migration issues are emblematic of a broader crisis situation that the whole of Europe now faces.”

Manifesta 12 will exhibit more than thirty new works, including public installations, performances and urban interventions, and will take place in more than fifteen locations in the city of Palermo.

Participating artists include Brazilian Maria Thereza Alves with an installation at Palazzo Butera dedicated to Sicily’s own floral syncretism, the pioneer of contemporary performance art in Nigeria Jelili Atiku with a processional performance to be held June 15 through the streets of the city, contemporary French landscape architect and philosopher Gilles Clément, who, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary design studio Coloco, has designed an urban garden in the Zen district. London-based collective Cooking Sections and their research on dry irrigation agricultural systems, Irish real-time computer graphics artist John Gerrard who will present his work between Palazzo Ajutamicristo and Palazzo Forcella De Seta, theSwiss artist Uriel Orlow with his video installation at Palazzo Butera focused on the value of memory and the evocative power of botany, the visual artist and artistic director of the Riwaq Biennale, Khalil Rabah, who inspired by Palermo’s markets will reproduce at the Botanical Garden a market of different artifacts, assemblages and sculptures, the Belgian collective of architects Rotor who are carrying out an urban intervention in the Pizzo Sella area, north of Palermo.

Also present will be two Italians: Marinella Senatore, who will propose an urban procession in dance on June 16, and Giorgio Vasta with his project City Scripts, a digital app dedicated to narrating the city.

Parallel to Manifesta 12 will be the Collateral Events and the 5x5x5 program. The latter was created to foster a dialogue of professional knowledge between Palermo’s artistic and cultural communities and the network of artists, cultural producers, academics and educational institutions, and intellectuals.
There will be 71 Collateral Events affecting the entire city.

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Manifesta 12: June 16 to November 4, 2018 in Palermo
Manifesta 12: June 16 to November 4, 2018 in Palermo

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