Pepper's Ghost saves Banksy: a special action on May 19 in Milan.

A special action by the Pepper's Ghost collective to save Banksy's iconic Migrant Child will be held on the forecourt of Milan's Central Station at dusk on May 19.

On May 19, 2022, a special action by Pepper’s Ghost, a creative-tech firm with at its core a collective of digital artists, graphics engineers, and project managers led by Anderson Tegon, founder and art director whose goal is to put creativity at the center using the most innovative technologies in existence, will be held at dusk on the square of Milan’s Central Station.

It all started with the digital street art experience that took place last March 9 in Venice, Ghost over Banksy, in which the iconic Migrant Child made in 2019 by Banksy came to life thanks to the collective with lights and animation.

Two months later, Pepper’s Ghost went to Venice, in the midst of the Biennale, to see the increasingly precarious condition of the facade of the building on which the work is located, and part of the wall was surveyed as to the health of the work, next to which was displayed a sheet with the words “What you neglect becomes of someone else!” meaning literally “what you don’t take care of, becomes of someone else...”

What we do know is that Pepper’s Ghost is on its way to Milan with the soul of Banksy’s work for an action to be held on May 19 on the forecourt of Milan’s Central Station.

Ghost over Banksy is also the first NFT of Digital Street Art collectible, authenticated and published on blockchain. Part of the proceeds will be donated to Emergency.

Pepper's Ghost saves Banksy: a special action on May 19 in Milan.
Pepper's Ghost saves Banksy: a special action on May 19 in Milan.

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