Turin, Nov. 2-5 11th edition of Flashback Art Fair

From November 2-5, 2023, the 11th edition of Flashback Art Fair, this year dedicated to Metamemory, is scheduled in Turin. The fair will be held at Flashback Habitat, Ecosystem for Contemporary Cultures.

Flashback Art Fair is scheduled to take place in Turin from Nov. 2-5, 2023: the annual event, now in its 11th edition, will be held at Corso Giovanni Lanza 75, home of Flashback Habitat, Ecosystem for Contemporary Cultures, the new 20,000-square-foot independent art center within walking distance of downtown Turin, and will be titled Metamemoria.

“This edition is Metamemoria, the awareness of our memory, the fair as an activator of images and knowledge is the tool that allows us to revive, reactivate, recontextualize. Information is fixed using colors, images, emotions and associations. The works contribute to the creation of these mnemonic maps; this is how the galleries of this eleventh edition contribute greatly to the creation of a composite and fascinating universe of images that trace the history of life and man. Thanks to these traces of past experience, the individual is able to deal with life situations, present and future,” said the direction composed of Ginevra Pucci, Stefania Poddighe and artist Alessandro Bulgini.

For this edition, the exhibition projects taking place in the spaces of Flashback Habitat will therefore focus onart itself as an “activator” of metamemory, investigating the powerful and energetic relevance of the artistic aspect in the common everyday.

In neuroscience, metamemory is that introspective capacity that enables human beings to evaluate and monitor their memory, on which personal identity and awareness of what belongs to us depends. Images, notions and sensations are replayed in the mind and relocated in time and space, thus building the personal cultural background from which we can draw daily. The more proficient one is at testing one’s mnemonic capacity, the more one is able to improve one’s prospective memory: planning an action and putting it into action when needed, at any time in daily life.

Theguiding image for the 11th edition of Flashback Art Fair is based on the work Le Piante by Turi Rapisarda, which belongs to a photographic series with metamemory as its dominant theme. In the series, immigrants and immigrant women from Southern Italy are portrayed as potted plants, returned as fully conscious individuals, incredible in the perfection of their completeness. The roots, in the finiteness of the pot, are an integral part of ourselves, the essential part that allows us to face the present. Rapisarda’s Plants provide the perfect metaphor for the works featured in the fair, elements through which we exercise metamemory and build our cultural baggage with knowledge and awareness). The Plants is one of the photographic series that will be on view in the spaces of Flashback, in the exhibition dedicated to the artist entitled Turi Rapisarda. Photographs, which brings together a part of the artist’s photographic research. More than thirty works printed with silver salts made between the 1980s and 1990s, where concepts, emotions and technique merge into a melancholic lyricism. Among the photographic series on display are The Plants, The Narrows, Trespolo and Mutoids.

Below are the galleries that will participate in the 11th edition of Flashback: Aleandri Arte Moderna, Rome (I), Antiques Par Force, Rome (I), Arcuti Fine Art, Rome, Turin (I), Benappi Fine Art, London (UK), Galleria Umberto Benappi, Turin (I), Galleria Riccardo Boni, Rome (I), Bottegantica, Milan (I), Botticelli Antichità, Florence (I), Beatrice Burati Anderson Art Space & Gallery, Venice (I), Studio d’Arte Campaiola, Rome (I), Galleria Canesso, Paris (FR), Milan (I), Mirco Cattai Fine Arts & Antique Rugs, Milan (I), Galleria Arte Cesaro, Padua (I), Contemporary Cluster, Rome (I), Galleria del Ponte, Turin (I), Galleria Giamblanco, Turin (I), Flavio Gianassi - FG Fine Art, London (UK), Galleria dello Scudo, Verona (I), Galleria Gracis, Milan (I), Il Cartiglio, Turin (I), Galleria In Arco, Turin (I), Galleria d’Arte l’Incontro, Chiari BS (I), Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art, Naples, Milan (I), Lorenzelli Arte, Milan (I), Luma Contemporary Art, Rome (I), Lorenzo and Paola Monticone Gioielli d’Epoca, Turin (I), Galleria d’Arte Niccoli, Parma (I), Galleria Open Art, Prato PO (I), Osart Gallery, Milan (I), Photo & Contemporary, Turin (I), Flavio Pozzallo, Oulx TO (I), Galleria Russo, Rome (I), Richard Saltoun, London (UK), Rome (I), Secol-Art di Masoero, Turin (I), Tower Gallery, Perugia (I), Galleria Antonio Verolino - Contemporary Art, Modena (I).

Different forms, techniques and languages, between painting and sculpture, traverse time, from one of the most important sculptures of early 14th-century Italy: the marble relief of the nativity by Giovanni di Balduccio from the Benappi Fine Art gallery, now visible to the public after nearly 30 years, to 16th-century works, such as the one created by Francesco Badile in about 1530, from the Pozzallo and Botticelli galleries. From the seventeenth-century works of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Bernardo Cavallino(Giamblanco Gallery) and François De Nomé, whose fantastical charge creates imaginary landscapes in which to lose oneself(Canesso Gallery), to the romantic and seductive nineteenth-century works of Francesco Hayez(Aleandri Arte Moderna). Works that contribute to the construction of an imaginary populated both by elements belonging to our history and that of distant cultures, as suggested by the carpets from Anatolia, Caucasus and Persia of Mirco Cattai Fine Arts & Antique Rugs or the 18th-century paintings that mark the research of Flavio Gianassi Gallery, this year focused on ancient drawings by Piedmontese artists, such as Claudio Francesco Beaumont’s sketch for the frescoes of the Armenia Room at the Royal Palace of Turin.

Then individual historical periods are traversed, such as the twentieth century with Balla, De Chirico, Medardo Rosso, Savinio and Sironi from Galleria Russo, Bottegantica and Galleria Gracis; Galleria dello Scudo presents the works of Luigi Ontani and those of seventeenth-century masters who jointly investigate man with curiosity anthropological, or the Riccardo Boni Gallery, which highlights the impossibility of separating the ancient from the modern in art, presenting an eighteenth-century Massimo D’Azeglio in dialogue with works by Emilio Primi and Alighiero Boetti belonging instead to the Arte Povera of the twentieth century.

Different visions and perspectives intend to stimulate mental associations: the Richard Saltoun gallery presents itself starting from the aesthetic exploration of Giulia Napoleone and Marinella Pirelli to Carla Accardi, a key member of the Italian avant-garde, while other galleries such as the Niccoli Gallery prefer to present a survey linked to individual artists: one example is the work of Piero Fogliati, who, by exploring sensory perception and natural phenomena, builds machines with a refined and complex aesthetic linked to the visual-acoustic sphere, or the research presented by Luma Arte Contemporanea that traces the activity of artist Ugo Nespolo from the works of the 1970s to those made with acrylic on HDF in 2023.

This edition of the fair also hosts the ninth edition of the final exhibition of the Opera Viva Barriera di Milano project (the poster that in Bottesini Square in Turin accompanies the daily life of the neighborhood throughout the year). This edition is dedicated to the incursion of life into art projects, in this case Luigi, the billboard attendant intervenes by hanging all the poster images upside down. Alessandro Bulgini, the creator of the project, intends to investigate the reversal of perspective and the influence of life in art. The edition features a group of artists from Turin: Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio, Sergio Cascavilla, Turi Rapisarda, Luigi Gariglio, Pierluigi Pusole and Bulgini himself.

The exhibition A Better Life. Fragments of Stories from the Institute for Children of the Province of Turin, now permanent and with a new layout, can be visited on the third floor of the venue. Curated by artist and Flashback Habitat artistic director Alessandro Bulgini, it aims to be a collective work, a choral work where history, emotions, art and life are intertwined. It wants to give voice again to the multitude of worlds that have intertwined in the halls of the structure, a former brefotrophy in Turin, through glimpses of the stories of some of the protagonists who, in the first person, have experienced that place such as children, now adults, nannies, and employees of the structure.

Vivarium, an art park in the making dedicated to the coexistence of art and nature, is also enriched with another site-specific installation: Mushroom Forest by Michel Vecchi, an artist from Valle d’Aosta who lives and works in Ibiza. Michel Vecchi has created a mushroom forest from tree trunks found in Habitat’s large park. With Mushroom Forest, the artist gives birth to colorful mushrooms of surprise, magic and curiosity. Trees and mushrooms have always lived in symbiosis, as siblings and life companions they nourish and care for each other. Each plant has a story and a soul imprinted in the wood. Each of Michel’s mushrooms has a special power: in the stem and base turns a copper and aluminum spiral that transmits and conducts this power to the people and places where it is placed.

The Living Rooms / Living Rooms project, unveiled Sept. 24, is open to the public at the exhibition event. The seventeen artist’s rooms, which will then be given for adoption through a call for bids to associations operating in the Piedmont region, are the first part of a project created to reactivate the spaces of Palazzina A of Flashback Habitat.

Finally, flashback labs by Mariachiara Guerra, head of Flashback Habitat’s educational project, flashback videos that introduce Habitat’s winter season dedicated to art documentary and flashback talks that will investigate the role of memory in the construction of the contemporary, return as they do every year.

Flashback Art Fair is open to the public Nov. 2-5 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For info: https://www.flashback.to.it/

Turin, Nov. 2-5 11th edition of Flashback Art Fair
Turin, Nov. 2-5 11th edition of Flashback Art Fair

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