Uffizi Diffusi arrives in Massa: Apuan stop in 2024 for the project

The Uffizi Diffusi are coming to the shadow of the Apuan Alps: they will stop in 2024 in Massa, at the Palazzo Ducale, where paintings owned by the Florentine museum that until 2013 were already in the palace will return.

The Uffizi Diffusi will also arrive in Massa. The announcement of the arrival of the Florentine museum in the Apuan land was made during a meeting held on the morning of Friday, May 5, at the Palazzo Ducale in Massa: the prefect of Massa-Carrara Guido Aprea and the director of the Uffizi Galleries, Eike Schmidt, were present. And it is precisely in the Palazzo Ducale, in the monumental apartments of the Prefecture, that, next spring, the Massese stage of the Uffizi diffuse will take place: in these spaces, which will be opened to public visits for the occasion, will in fact return a dozen paintings from the Galleries’ collection, but which have been housed partly since 1931, partly since 1939 in these spaces.

The paintings returned to the Uffizi in 2013, after an earthquake struck northern Tuscany: thanks to the agreement announced today, the paintings will be restored by the museum, so they will be ready to return to the Doge’s Palace. There are landscapes and still lifes, including two beautiful works by 18th-century Francesco Corsi, and also a pair of works from the workshop of Carlo Dolci (1616-1686). Also taking part in today’s inspection, during which Aprea showed Schmidt the monumental apartments of the Ducal Palace, was House Culture Committee member Alessandro Amorese.

"I had the pleasure of having UffiI Director Eike Schmidt as a guest here,“ said Prefect Guido Aprea. ”This meeting facilitated an important synergy, which will allow the return of works now housed at the Uffizi; thanks to the project fielded together with the Galleries, it will be possible to carry out their restoration and inclusion in the Uffizi Diffusi program. The Prefecture of Massa is absolutely honored to join this great cultural and artistic plan and thus be able to make Palazzo Ducale and its treasures even more usable for the community."

“The goal of the Uffizi diffuse,” reiterated Director Schmidt, “is not an occasional presence of museum works in the territory, but a long-term enhancement of the territories themselves. We are pleased to add Massa, with the Ducal Palace, a true jewel of the architecture of our glorious past, in full harmony and synergy between the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Culture. I particularly thank Prefect Guido Aprea for his hospitality and the speed with which he allowed this collaboration to begin.”

Image: the director of the Uffizi, Eike Schmidt, and the prefect of Massa-Carrara, Guido Aprea.

Uffizi Diffusi arrives in Massa: Apuan stop in 2024 for the project
Uffizi Diffusi arrives in Massa: Apuan stop in 2024 for the project

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