Volterra, Palazzo dei Priori is filled with flowers. It is the work of two female artists

It is called Rebirth and it is a delicate flower garden set up within the walls of the Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra. And it is the work of two women artists.

From Aug. 15 to Oct. 15, 2020, the Sala del Giudice Conciliatore at Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra will host Rebirth | Rinascita, an installation created by two female artists, sculptor Tamara Ferioli (Legnano, 1982) and painter Olga Niescier (Bialystok, Poland, 1978). The idea for this work was born in spring 2020 during confinement: Rebirth is meant to be an opportunity to contemplate life in solitude and silence, investigating the forms of nature as a repository of arcane laws of preservation and transmission.

Thus, Ferioli and Niescier created an installation of organic sculptures of flowers and vertical canvases, forming a symbolic and profound garden in contrast to the ancient and imposing historic walls of Palazzo dei Priori: an invitation to contemplate the fragility of life and to reflect on the connection between all things and living beings.

Tamara Ferioli creates, making use of fish bone, small and precious sculptures that she places in a curated environmental installation. Her creative process originates in the most pristine places on Earth (above all the wild landscape of Iceland where she collects the materials of Nature that then form the soul and symbolic core of her art). Olga Niescier uses the symbolism of natural forms in her paintings, painting branches that present themselves as veins to the viewer’s eye. Niescier’s art is moved by a spiritual approach that seeks to harken back to the historical tradition of Eastern landscape painting.

The project is curated by Kalpa Art Living Gallery, which was established in the historic Palazzo Bonomini on Via Porta all’Arco in Volterra, devoted to the pursuit of excellence in artistic expression, beauty of form and preciousness of techniques, honoring our belonging to the realm of Nature through group exhibitions of international artists. Rebirth also avails itself of the collaboration of the Cultural Association Anima Silvae, which has been working and collaborating for years in the area with various public and private entities to create significant cultural itineraries and art installations within institutional buildings, museums and private estates that, intertwined with visual and performing arts, manage to evoke lasting emotions in the visitor, tying in with the exceptional historical and natural contexts present in the Volterra area.

For info you can visit the Rebirth | Rebirth sites.

Volterra, Palazzo dei Priori is filled with flowers. It is the work of two female artists
Volterra, Palazzo dei Priori is filled with flowers. It is the work of two female artists

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