A major exhibition in Bologna pays homage to Andrea Pazienza and his comic books

From May 7 to September 26, 2021, Palazzo Albergati in Bologna is hosting a major tribute exhibition to Andrea Pazienza, featuring more than 100 works.

Twenty-four years after the last 1997 anthological exhibition dedicated to him in the Emilia capital, a tribute exhibition to Andrea Pazienza returns to Bologna.

In fact, from May 7 to September 26, 2021, Palazzo Albergati welcomes Fino all’estremo, a title that refers to the first draft of what would become Gli ultimi giorni di Pompeo, Andrea Pazienza’s artistic and narrative culmination.

Born in 1956, cartoonist, illustrator and painter, Andrea Pazienza changed the world of comics with his cartoons; he moved to Bologna in 1974 to enroll in DAMS and began his career in 1977 on the pages of Alter Alter, outlining until 1984 the features of his most creative and stimulating period.

On display will be more than one hundred works from the archives of those closest to him such as his brother, sister, wife and others, including original comic book plates and pictorial works made with various materials: from markers to tempera, pencils to acrylic paints and more. Also featured is a selection of historical images by the great photographer and visual artist Enrico Scuro.

Starting from his artistic production that rests on the three pillars Pentothal, Zanardi and Pompeo, the exhibition is intended to be a journey through Andrea Pazienza’s life and through the streets of a Bologna made hot by the student movements of 1977. A tale of revolts, loves, political wars and upheavals experienced by a generation of dreamers of freedom and revolution. All of this will be recounted through the artist’s strength, power and expressive scream over the course of a single decade (in fact, he died prematurely at just 32 at his home in Montepulciano on June 16, 1988). He left his indelible signature in illustrated fiction not only with the black and whites of Fiabeschi’s epic, but also with the colors of Giallo Matematico and the Carnival Nights of Zanna, Colas and Petrilli, the markers on the squared sheets with which Pompeo ran to meet his destiny, but also all those illustrations that, from Betta on the shark to the Bologna Corteo, made Andrea Pazienza one of the greatest masters of comics.

The exhibition is produced and organized by Piuma in collaboration with Arthemisia and is curated by ARF! - Festival of Stories, Signs & Drawings; it is realized with the contribution of the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro - Internazionale, thanks to which all children under 12 years of age will enjoy free admission and all secondary school and university students reduced admission. It has the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna.

For more info: www.palazzoalbergati.com

A major exhibition in Bologna pays homage to Andrea Pazienza and his comic books
A major exhibition in Bologna pays homage to Andrea Pazienza and his comic books

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