An exhibition in Modena celebrates 50 years of Lupo Alberto

Lupo Alberto, Silver's famous comic book wolf, turns 50: In Modena, an exhibition organized by the Modena Visual Arts Foundation traces his story.

The exhibition Zitt! Zitt! Here Comes Lupo Alberto. Silver, 50 Years as a Wolf celebrating 50 years of the comic strip Lupo Alberto, which debuted in 1974 in the pages of Corriere dei Ragazzi. Born in the land of Modena from the pencil of a very young Guido Silvestri aka Silver (Carpi, 1952), together with the whole McKenzie farm he quickly managed to win the hearts of Italians, guaranteeing himself a longevity that few other comics can boast: suffice it to say that the Wolf periodical has exceeded 440 issues.

Lupo Alberto, explain editors Francesca Fontana and Lorenzo Respi, “does not embody the perfect hero: he is likeable, good, a bit unlucky and often insecure; he is used to facing disappointments and beatings, but he has the great merit of knowing how to take life with irony and lightness, sometimes even carelessly. Moreover, there is no shortage of references to current events, politics, social facts and issues in his stories; the farm, in short, reflects the same issues, concerns and psychological mechanisms as the real world.”

Such an important birthday just could not go unnoticed, especially in the city that was the Wolf’s birthplace; through this exhibition, Modena has the opportunity to thank Silver for creating not only an iconic character, but a true cultural phenomenon.

The exhibition, produced in collaboration with McK, Lucca Comics & Games and Lucca Collecting, does not pretend to be exhaustive - the massive amount of production on Lupo Alberto would not allow it - but aims to examine the evolutionary path of the comic strip from the earliest strips through some of the stories most dear to the public or most representative of the years in which they were made, delving into specific themes and subjects. It also intends to give an account of the various forms in which the Wolf has manifested himself, such as different types of merchandising, books, figurines, cartoons and video games; finally, it illustrates how Lupo Alberto boldly continues to renew himself thanks to the inventiveness of the young authors of Tutto un altro Lupo.

Inside the exhibition, young visitors will find a special section where they can draw and color their own Lupo Alberto, invent new stories with the comic strips available, and have fun with some games inspired by the McKenzie farm characters. Also, for the second time in his life, the wolfman has been turned into a video game: you can play with him inside a special escape room that is part of Minecraft Museum Adventure, the project developed together with Future Education Modena that proposes the reconstruction of the Figurine Museum in the Minecraft universe.

For all information, you can visit the official website of the Modena Visual Arts Foundation.

An exhibition in Modena celebrates 50 years of Lupo Alberto
An exhibition in Modena celebrates 50 years of Lupo Alberto

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