An immersive show in the works of Caravaggio coming to Milan

On October 6, 2018, the immersive multimedia show dedicated to Caravaggio will open to the public at Milan's Museo della Permanente.

At the Museo della Permanente in Milan, the multimedia show"Caravaggio. Beyond the Canvas: the immersive exhibition" dedicated to Michelangelo Merisi, which can be visited until Jan. 27, 2019.
This is proposed as an ideal continuation of the"Inside Caravaggio" exhibition held at Milan ’s Palazzo Reale until last February.

The multimedia experience will consist of tracing, through high technology and sixteen video projectors, the biography and artistic activity of Caravaggio.

The projected images will depict works that are invisible to the public because they are kept in private places, immovable from the premises, too fragile to travel or destroyed, or rejected because they are out of the context in which they were conceived: fifty works photographed in very high definition in order to capture every detail.
Thanks to advanced technologies, it will be possible to see inside the works in order to discover regrets and techniques.

In addition to the images of the paintings, the places in the painter’s life will be explored, which we might call the places of his soul, successes and excesses, tragedies, friendships, and vices.

Among the works projected are the paintings of the Contarelli Chapel in San Luigi dei Francesi or the Cerasi Chapel in Santa Maria del Popolo, the Death of the Virgin, the Beheading of the Baptist in the Valletta Co-Cathedral, the Medusa preserved in the Uffizi and many others.

The project is conceived by MondoMostre Skira, is produced by NSPRD for Experience Exhibitions with the scientific advice of Rossella Vodret and the Patronage of MiBAC.

“There are two directions that have guided us in this new project: a greater knowledge of the man Caravaggio, and an in-depth study of some of his masterpieces that could not be exhibited in Dentro Caravaggio. Two aspects investigated and shown to the public through a precise key: the ”hidden Caravaggio,“ both through unpublished or little-known episodes that belong to the intimate and private sphere of his troubled existence, and thanks to a particular vision of the masterpieces of the great Lombard genius,” said Rossella Vodret.

An immersive show in the works of Caravaggio coming to Milan
An immersive show in the works of Caravaggio coming to Milan

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