Anthropocene at MAST in Bologna closes with 155 thousand visitors

The Anthropocene multimedia exhibition at MAST in Bologna ended by registering a total of 155 thousand visitors.

The Anthropocene exhibition held at MAST in Bologna from May 16, 2019 to January 5, 2020 ended with a total of 155,000 visitors.

Themultimedia exhibition was the result of a four-year collaboration between photographer Edward Burtynsky and filmmakers Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier, and the project aimed to document the changes humans have imprinted on the earth and their effects on natural processes through a combination of art, film, augmented reality and scientific research. A project based on the research of the international group of scientists Anthropocene Working Group that gathered evidence of the transition from the current geological epoch , theHolocene, to theAnthropocene.

An integral part of the exhibition was the award-winning film Anthropocene: the Human Epoch, codirected by the three artists and narrated by Oscar winner Alicia Vikander. The third installment in a trilogy that includes Manufactured Landscapes (2009) and Watermark (2013), the film bears witness to a critical moment in the planet’s geological history, offering a provocative and unforgettable experience of the impact and scope of our species.

Talks, meetings and screenings were organized during the exhibition, as well as guided tours curated by cultural mediators from the MAST Foundation; it was also visited by 15500 students.

"Anthropocene " was planned for 4 months and lasted for 8 months, never recording a drop in the number of visitors. The queues to visit it have grown longer and longer in recent weeks and days. Amazing, surprising and unexpected. A year ago we imagined that the climate theme would become more and more dominant, but in just a few months everything has changed: Greta has arrived, the Friday for Future events have begun, and awareness has grown in the public about the issues related to the environment to climate change, which are at the heart of the exhibition and the film," commented Urs Stahel, one of the curators of the exhibition.

Image: Edward Burtynsky, Dandora Landfill #3, Plastics Recycling (Nairobi, Kenya 2016)
Ph. Credit Edward Burtynsky, Courtesy Admira Photography, Milan / Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto

Anthropocene at MAST in Bologna closes with 155 thousand visitors
Anthropocene at MAST in Bologna closes with 155 thousand visitors

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