Bergamo, Ugo La Pietra's works in an exhibition at the Accademia Carrara

From October 27, 2019 to January 6, 2020, theCarrara Academy in Bergamo is hosting an exhibition dedicated to Ugo La Pietra (Bussi sul Tirino, 1938): entitled Ugo La Pietra. Works, installations, artist’s films, the exhibition, in an open dialogue between ancient and contemporary art, between different means of expression, between reflections on space and function, offers the public not only the opportunity to delve into the figure of the artist, but also to reread the great Carrara collection. An itinerary composed of four installations, three historical works and an unpublished one made specifically for the Bergamo exhibition and in direct reference with Jacopo di Antonello’s Madonna and Child. Completing the project is the section at GAMeC, a review of three films and two special projects of which The Own Itineraries. There are as many Bergamos as there are inhabitants of Bergamo, an interactive audiovisual installation, is specifically dedicated to citizenship.

In Accademia Carrara, on the second floor, in the rooms dedicated to masterpieces of Italian and international art of the 14th and 15th centuries, La Pietra presents four installations that relate directly to the museum’s spaces and works, using different media: from drawing to ceramics to glass. Natural Signals (2019), a ceramic column, blown glass container, and Murano blown glass cherries, is an explicit quotation of Jacopo di Antonello’s Madonna and Child dated 1480; The Last Supper (2017) consists of twelve ceramic plates engobed and hand-engraved by the author and twelve painted clear glass test tubes, on a wooden trestle structure; Open Books. Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso (2018), on the other hand, is an installation made of three engobed and engraved ceramic books and drawings on a wooden trestle structure, quoting Bartolomeo Montagna’s San Gerolamo ; finally, Libri aperti (2004-2008) is a set of engobed and engraved ceramic books on metal trestles.

At GAMeC, as anticipated, the public will find a review of films, with the collaboration of theHistorical Archive of the Italian Film Library, which in different ways and places (urban peripheries, central station, urban equipment of Milan and more) bring back an explicit indication of the slogan that for years has photo Aurelia Raffo characterized much of La Pietra’s research: “to inhabit is to be everywhere at home.” Three historical films( 1977’sThe Reappropriation of the City, 1979’s Public Interventions for the City of Milan, and 1974’s Per oggi basta! ) and two special projects will be on the program.

On the occasion of the exhibition, the volume Abitare è essere ovunque a casa propria, Corraini Edizioni, with texts by M. Cristina Rodeschini and Lorenzo Giusti, will be published.

For all information you can visit the official website of the Accademia Carrara.

Pictured: Ugo La Pietra, Libri Aperti, herbarium, installation (2004-2008)

Bergamo, Ugo La Pietra's works in an exhibition at the Accademia Carrara
Bergamo, Ugo La Pietra's works in an exhibition at the Accademia Carrara

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