Genoa, Evita Andújar showcases women's media overexposure

Through Jan. 9, 2022, Genoa's Studio Rossetti Gallery hosts Verdad Muda, a solo exhibition by Spanish artist Evita Andújar that showcases the media overexposure of women.

Genoa ’s Studio Rossetti Gallery welcomes the winter exhibition season with the opening of Verdad Muda, the solo exhibition of Andalusian artist Evita Andújar, curated by Raffaella Salato. The exhibition is open to the public on Thursday, November 25, 2021 until January 9, 2022.

The undisputed protagonist of the artist’s poetics is thefemale universe, rendered in a dialogue between figuration and abstraction. In Verdad Muda, the artist presents a series of paintings from the Stolen Selfie cycle, in which she is inspired by the paradox of our society: the technological abuse that overexposes us to a continuous flow of images and information often devoid of real content. The identities that social networks obsessively send back to us are only pale simulacra of a reality that few bother to penetrate and know: here, then, Andújar twists surface individualities with the declared aim of provoking an alternative reflection, of shifting the focus from appearance to substance. The resulting image appears double and shifted, as if in constant redefinition.

Through his works, the artist wants to invite the public to see things differently, intends to take them further, proposing paths and alternatives. There is always an element of hope in the artist’s canvases, a tension between physical space, time and emotions, a spark that causes us to question the “what” and the “why.” The end result is meant to be a suspended narrative. “The accuracy of certain details in the setting, the never casual use of light and color, the poses or gestures of the figures,” the presentation reads, “never appear passively static. The dynamism arises from the artist’s decisive gestures manifested through a textural, elusive and rapid brushstroke, enhanced by a skillful use of acrylic colors.”

Throughout the exhibition period, Studio Rossetti Gallery is offering cultural activities and events that will explore the themes developed by the artist, in collaboration with experts and professionals in the field.

For all information, you can visit the Gallery’s official website.

Pictured: Stolen Selfie 16 or Ella baila sola (2018; 90 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas)

Genoa, Evita Andújar showcases women's media overexposure
Genoa, Evita Andújar showcases women's media overexposure

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