Homage to Giovanni Pisano in Pistoia

Kicking off today through Aug. 20 is a monographic exhibition in Pistoia honoring sculptor Giovanni Pisano.

The art of Giovanni Pisano, a great sculptor at the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, will be on display from today until Aug. 20, 2017, in Pistoia, at Palazzo Fabroni, Museum of the Twentieth Century and the Contemporary.

Pistoia, Italian Capital of Culture, is dedicating to the artist the monographic exhibition"Homage to Giovanni Pisano," curated by Roberto Bartalini in collaboration with Sabina Spannocchi, promoted and organized by the City of Pistoia-Palazzo Fabroni with the collaboration of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia.

The exhibition is divided into nine rooms, each with a work by Giovanni Pisano, except for the first where the relief with the Stigmata of St. Francis by Nicola Pisano, Giovanni’s father, is located.
Among the works on display are a marble tondo depicting the Madonna and Child, a wooden work depicting an angel in the guise of a deacon holding the head of St. John the Baptist, four crucifixes, and a marble work depicting Justice.

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Homage to Giovanni Pisano in Pistoia
Homage to Giovanni Pisano in Pistoia

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