In Andora, light installations by Carlo Bernardini and Nicola Evangelisti on display.

Through March 31, 2022, the Contemporary Culture Center at Tagliaferro Palace in Andora hosts "Optical Cartographies: New Realities," an exhibition of light installations by Carlo Bernardini and Nicola Evangelisti.

At the Contemporary Culture Center in Palazzo Tagliaferro, the museum center and cultural hub of Andora (Savona), Optical Cartographies: new realities, the double solo exhibition by artists Carlo Bernardini and Nicola Evangelisti, was inaugurated, on view until March 31, 2022. The exhibition, dedicated to Light Art works and installations, curated by Gisella Gellini and Christine Enrile, is promoted by the Municipality of Andora. The exhibition, which compares a series of light installations, some of them site-specific, created by two of the major protagonists of Italian Light Art, offers the public a seductive and exciting immersive journey into light.

The light sculptures and installations, in which the public is literally immersed, combine scientific foundations with artistic breakthroughs, proposed by Bernardini and Evangelisti, whose outcomes are as extra-ordinary and paradoxical as a quantum entanglement. The works of the two artists subtend a common denominator: a strong interest in the Art of Light and experimentation, in fact, as the one intervenes in space through drawing using places as if they were sheets and optical fiber as if they were signs of an invisible dimension, the other uses light as a means of decoding, to reflect on the complexity of nature, order and chaos.

Carlo Bernardini creates sculptural works and large-scale environmental installations by transforming architectural space, eluding its physicality through light with the use of optical fiber, creating new perceptual spaces that totally change the function and structure of the real environment. In his research, the artist has chosen precisely the optical fiber, exploiting its potential on an intuitive level to draw a mental and seemingly incorporeal space, in which the pattern of light changes depending on the viewer’s point of view and movements as he finds himself living inside the work. Bernardini is an intellectual of light, experimenting and reflecting on the relativity of perceptions and sensations generated by the work; his research by analyzing the transformation of space and the dynamic perceptiveness of the static visual forms generated in his interventions, relates us to hypothetical invisible and in-observable dimensions of space itself. The light installations through other perceptual coordinates will thus accompany the visitor on a path of exploration and new meanings, which can open up in the relationship between works and space as only the dialogue between light and darkness with all the implicit metaphysical implications can generate.

Nicola Evangelisti in his artistic research that finds in light its distinctive element, works in a directive connected to scientific themes mainly of a cosmological and astrophysical order. The analysis of scientific principles that generate forms at all levels of magnitude and spatio-temporal patterns, have led the artist to elaborate works in different media, but the “light matter” is the main area of his artistic research. Evangelisti presents in the exhibition works and light installations that are representations of some of the concepts he has always reflected on, such as the relationship between real and virtual in the context of the dynamics of communication and propaganda related to acts of violence such as wars terrorism and economic crisis. The installations, featured in the exhibition, including New Quantum refer to the continuity and unity of nature found in the principles governing chaotic forms at various scales of magnitude. According to his vision, the primal explosion of the Big Bang that gave rise to space-time marks its completion with an implosion in which everything will be reabsorbed and converted into a new beginning. But before all that happens, it will only be the spaces of the Contemporary Culture Center that will be transformed to give rise to new perceptual possibilities that will bring visitors to an estrangement with their surroundings, where time stands still and contemplation begins.

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In Andora, light installations by Carlo Bernardini and Nicola Evangelisti on display.
In Andora, light installations by Carlo Bernardini and Nicola Evangelisti on display.

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