In Reggio Emilia, the solo exhibition of Davide Benati, esteemed contemporary Italian painter

Following its success in 2019 at Arte Fiera Bologna, with a booth entirely dedicated to Davide Benati (Reggio Emilia, 1949), Galleria Bonioni Arte resumes its exhibition activities with a selection of recent works by the internationally known and appreciated Reggio Emilia artist. Curated by Sandro Parmiggiani, the exhibition can be visited until July 26.

The exhibition draws its title Origami from three previously unseen watercolor-on-canvas works, which through the precise layering of primary colors seem to allude to the Japanese art of folding paper to obtain shapes that recall nature.

As we read in Sandro Parmiggiani’s text published within the Skira monograph(Milan, 2010), “Benati’s painting breathes passion into every fiber of it: in that sudden brightening and darkening, and in the equally sudden becoming a breath, fleeting and transient, of colors; in the melting and annulling of form within the void, within the great ocean of paper’s glow; in the same sudden movements of the pulse that make the direction of the sign change, deflecting what seemed the outline and the’predestined itinerary of a form, as if his painting were the combined outcome of many mysterious upheavals generated from within by memories that resurface, or even by some uncontrollable agent such as the beating of the heart or the rhythm of breathing.”

Davide Benati was born in Reggio Emilia in 1949. He attended art high school in Modena and later theBrera Academy in Milan. He held the chairs of Anatomy and Painting at theBrera Academy and theAcademy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In 1972, his first solo exhibition was held at Galleria Il Giorno in Milan. His exhibition curriculum, already relevant in the 1970s, due to intense research and experimentation, was enriched in the following decade by solo and group exhibitions, both national and international: in 1982 he was invited by Tommaso Trini to the Venice Biennale, where he would return again in 1990 with a solo room. In 1986 he participated in the Quadriennale di Roma; in 1989 the Galleria Civica di Modena organized an anthological exhibition on him, to which Antonio Tabucchi dedicated a story in the catalog; in 1992 and 2010 he exhibited at the Musei Civici di Reggio Emilia, and on that occasion Luciano Caramel wrote a commentary essay in the exhibition catalog. Also noteworthy is the list of participations in group exhibitions in Italy and around the world: in 1985 he took part in “Anni Ottanta” in Bologna, in the same year in the III International Triennial held at the Kunsthalle in Nuremberg, in 1985 in “Dopo il concettuale” in Trento, in 1986 in “Itinerari di arte contemporanea” in Lisbon, in 1995 in the International Biennial in Cairo, and in parallel he exhibited in many other shows in private galleries in Italy and abroad: Milan, Antwerp, Stockholm, Hamburg, Zurich, Paris and New York. Since 2006, for about ten years, he has worked exclusively for the Marlborough Gallery Munich. In 2018 Luca Tommasi Arte Contemporanea in Milan presented the solo exhibition "Back to Italy." In the same year, as part of the “Biennale del Disegno” in Rimini, a large exhibition was dedicated to him at the FAR Fabbrica Arte Rimini venue. In 2019, Galleria Bonioni Arte presents a “Small anthology” of selected works at Arte Fiera Bologna. He currently collaborates with the Milan gallery Luca Tommasi Arte Contemporanea and the Reggio Emilia gallery Bonioni Arte.

For all information you can visit the official website of Galleria Bonioni Arte.

Pictured: Davide Benati, Azores (2020), watercolor on canvas, cm. 95x120. Ph. credit: Stefano Paolini / Studio 129 Modena

In Reggio Emilia, the solo exhibition of Davide Benati, esteemed contemporary Italian painter
In Reggio Emilia, the solo exhibition of Davide Benati, esteemed contemporary Italian painter

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