Introspective and In-Visible, Keziat's new projects in Cyprus and Rome

Cyprus and Rome will host new projects by artist Keziat: Introspective and In-Visible. His signature tool is the ballpoint pen.

Introspective is Keziat ’s new solo exhibition to be held at the Kimonos Art Center in Paphos, Cyprus, in collaboration with theItalian Embassy in Nicosia. The latest works created using ballpoint pen, the artist’s identifying element, will be on display: the ink mark refers to the thought that forms in the mind, the dimmed memory, the dream that resurfacing reveals contemporary reality. At the finissage, on July 11, 2019, the artist will perform Music for your eyes accompanied by violinist Luca Ciarla.

After Cyprus, Keziat will propose his project centered on drawing, video art and the installation In_Visible at the Macro - Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome. A fluid, unreal and perpetually moving world with optical and perceptual illusions of reality distorted in all aspects of everyday life will be shown. This is a site-specific installation in which drawings on canvas and video projections on transparent surfaces dialogue with each other and become vehicles through which emotions move.

In_Visible intends to be a narrative of theintimate space, ofinteriority, disrupted by social structures and technologies; an invitation to reclaim everything that we cannot see with our eyes, but that we need to feel by educating and training our deepest sense every day. During the In_Visible exhibition, the artist will create a work on site, interacting with other artists and the audience.

Introspective at Kimonos Art Center in Cyprus from July 2 to 11, 2019.

In_Visible at Macro - Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome from July 16 to 21, 2019.

Introspective and In-Visible, Keziat's new projects in Cyprus and Rome
Introspective and In-Visible, Keziat's new projects in Cyprus and Rome

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