Milan celebrates Angelo Morbelli with exhibition Between Verism and Social Engagement

From February 28 to April 13, 2019, Gallerie Enrico in Milan is hosting the exhibition 'Tra Verismo e impegno sociale' dedicated to Angelo Morbelli.

Milan is celebrating Angelo Morbelli (Alessandria, 1853 - Milan, 1919), one of the most important artists of the 19th century and the leader of Italian Divisionism, on the occasion of the first centenary of his death, with a series of initiatives that will have one of its highest moments in the retrospective exhibition, scheduled from March 15, at the GAM - Galleria d’Arte Moderna.

After the exhibition dedicated to Morbelli by Bottegantica (running until March 16, 2019), from February 28 to April 13, 2019, Enrico Gallerie d’Arte in Milan will host the exhibition entitled Angelo Morbelli. Tra Verismo e impegno sociale, which presents 25 paintings, among the most famous ones made by the Piedmontese master, many of which return visible after more than a century, able to retrace the main chapters of his career.

The exhibition, curated by Giovanni Anzani, among the most authoritative experts on Morbelli and Divisionism, and Elisabetta Chiodini, an art historian specializing in 19th-century Italian painting, is the first initiative of theAngelo Morbelli Archive, for the study and ordering of the historical and artistic material of the Piedmontese artist, aimed at the publication of the Catalogue raisonné of his work.

The itinerary revolves around some authentic masterpieces by Angelo Morbelli, such as Visita alla stalla of 1886, presented in 1888 at the London exhibition curated by Alberto Grubicy, Italian Exhibition, last exhibited in public in 1913 at the Famiglia Artistica, or Venduta! of 1897, the last in a series of three works created since the mid-1880s, or Per sempre, of 1906, a Divisionist masterpiece, which has been missing from a public exhibition since 1982.

Added to these are paintings such as the first version ofAve Maria in the Evening from 1910, Roofs Under Snow from 1912, the first version of The Bride (1909), or Risaiuole (1897), an important work to delve into the transformations of the Divisionist technique used by Morbelli, in parallel with the development of his interest in the theme of women’s work, particularly that carried out in the rice fields.

For all information you can visit the official website of Enrico Gallerie d’Arte.

Pictured: Angelo Morbelli, My Teresa (1917; oil on canvas, 445 x 365 cm)

Milan celebrates Angelo Morbelli with exhibition Between Verism and Social Engagement
Milan celebrates Angelo Morbelli with exhibition Between Verism and Social Engagement

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