Milan to host Regine Schumann's first Italian solo exhibition

Milan's Dep Art Gallery will host Colormirror, Regine Schumann's first Italian solo exhibition.

Milan ’s Dep Art Gallery is hosting the first solo exhibition in Italy by Regine Schumann (Goslar, 1961) from October 31 to December 22, 2018.

Colormirror, this is the title of the exhibition, will present to the public the most recent works of the artist, who is considered among the most important innovators in the field of chromatic and cinevisual research: a nucleus of medium and large works (from 80 to 240 centimeters in height) characterized by luminous panels that create a relationship between color, light and architecture.
The works’ fluorescent colors change with changing natural light and depending on the point of observation; his color compositions are inspired by Goethe’s color theory, according to which colors come to life from the interaction between light and darkness.

“Colored and fluorescent acrylic glass plays an important role in my works. The material I use lights up as soon as it receives light energy, whether natural or artificial. Depending on the position, the different panels produce different layering, mixing and selection of light and colors,” says the artist.

Exhibition curator Alberto Zanchetta adds, “Regine Schumann’s works delineate a physical space that alters and redefines the environment in which they are contained. Plexiglass surfaces resort to colors that interpenetrate, mirror and reverberate, making the work immaterial, as if it were an emanation of pure light. Involved in a dual visual experience (daytime/natural and nighttime/artificial), the viewer is invited to question the broad possibilities of the color spectrum with respect to the physiological limitations imposed by the human eye. The alienating effect of such fluorescence is achieved by the synthesis of frontal, back and perimeter surfaces that absorb or radiate light, subjecting the vision to imperceptible changes, sometimes gradual, sometimes sudden. But in any case surprising.”

For info:

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Free admission.

Image: Regine Schumann, Color Pastel Rheinstetten A-D (2017; acrylic glass, 38 x 30 x 5 cm).

Milan to host Regine Schumann's first Italian solo exhibition
Milan to host Regine Schumann's first Italian solo exhibition

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